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  • huub vink's Avatar
    Today, 02:30
    Hertzie, Which operation system are you running? Huub
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  • expat's Avatar
    Today, 02:08
    Yes, I do too! And coincidentally I had just dusted off the Flight Replicas model and was flying her when you posted these screenies. A few suggested repaints! By the way, the Jens Kristensen C-54/DC-4 model has been converted by Tom Gibson to native FSX, so you can if you want to also merge that model with the Flight Replicas VC. Cheers!
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  • lagaffe's Avatar
    Today, 02:06
    Thanks for your images and good flys over Québec country 😀
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  • Ferry_vO's Avatar
    Today, 01:42
    Can you point me in the right direction? So far I haven't found any..
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  • Scorch00's Avatar
    Today, 00:55
    The repaints are complete and have been uploaded!
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  • fabulousfour's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:54
    It is the Handley-Page. :icon29: Chris was a bit faster with an answer, so it is up to him to show us a new mystery.
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  • magoo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:14
    That's actually a fairly astounding piece of rendering. (!!!!) The words,"blood, sweat & tears" come to mind. Very impressive paint, Sir. :ernaehrung004:
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  • greenie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:39
    Wonderful advancements. Early days yet, but I noticed that the sloping runway airfield had an elevation issue. Maybe some things remain the same !! ..about 1:50 into the vid.
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  • Fibber's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:35
    ......this is a off the wall but happened to me along time ago. Check that your files read CFG and NOT CGF. Long time ago something like this happened that kept changing some of the cfg's to cgf. Especially check the CFS2.cfg Another suggestion is to copy and paste in a new CFS2.cfg without changing the name. GOOD LUCK.
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  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:29
    I've been trying out the latest version of Reshade this evening with the new shaders, and there doesn't seem to be any inherent compatibility issues. A few of the Reshade Effects cause the came to crash, but most work just fine. They all have varying degrees of negative impact on the FPS, but the Reshade interface makes it really simple to turn them on and off in game. The insall is really simple (run the downloaded exe, point it at the cfs3.exe, select the Direct3D9 button, and let it download all the available shader effect files, you can ignore the message about needing the additional wrapper file when using AnKor's dll) and at this point I don't see a need to go back to using SweetFX again. P.S. If the game crashes you'll have to hand edit the...
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  • gaucho_59's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:56
    Available as usual...comments and requests welcome. G. For closer look:
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  • gaucho_59's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:41
    Hot off the press! a really elegant aircraft from the past... Available as usual... comments and requests welcome. G. For closer look:
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  • Jorge's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:25
    Hey Hertzie, When you say, "Tried the start files from a working copy on a HD," I'm guessing you mean you have a "clean" install somewhere else other than where you have the three mods, is that correct? If so, then you have any of a possible four (4) installations that don't work, is that correct? I'm just trying to make sure we have a good understanding of your setups so we can try and give better responses. If you indeed have a fourth install that is a master, then I'm afraid I'm not sure what the issue could be. It's not that often you hear of an issue on the master and the mods. If you don't have a master, I would suggest making one. Mine doesn't even have the "no-cd" patch and has helped me out a few times already. Jorge Miami, FL
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  • jeansy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:24
    There are alrealdy several Berlin airlift paints
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  • Moses03's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:46
    Wow, impressive!
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:31
    Among so many other items touched on in the video, I am very impressed by how the wind/airflow is affected by every single object/particle in the sim - by the shape of the land (hills, mountains and valleys), the shape of clouds, forests, and by the shape of each and every individual building, so precisely affecting the way in which the air/wind flows over and around them and the resulting effects that will be encountered. I can imagine flying low around a high rise city (especially when rotorcraft eventually get brought to the sim) and feeling the difference in the wind and airflow being encountered with every passing building.
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  • Scorch00's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:15
    I'm working on some other repaints for the excellent Firehawk mod. I did see there was already a paint for Cal Fire, but oh well. I have 2 Cal Fire paints H903 and H301 (the first 2 to be delivered to Cal Fire) in the works as well as SDFD and Ventura County Sheriff. I may also do Santa Barbara as well, but haven't decided.
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  • Seahawk72s's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:11
    The modeling and movement of flaps, 4:40....! The gear on the 747 at 4:50....and engine exhaust...:applause::applause:
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  • MZee1960's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:34
    I'm using V18.3 (not 18.4) without problems. Maybe try this version ? FSXBA claim V18.3 is latest 'stable' version, whereas V18.4 is a 'test' or 'prototype' version and may still have certain quirks needing attention.
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:25
    The latest in the Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) Feature Discovery Series, featuring "Aerodynamics", but more in detail, the improved physics engine, the new surface element aerodynamics, the new air mass simulation and some of the new systems coding. Tons of stunning(!) new footage from the sim as well. So much impressed me in this video that I could write a few paragraphs about it, but I'll just leave this post as is. Of course it is best to watch the video in full screen/full resolution. Video #4 is due out on November 27th, covering "Cockpits".
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