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  • expat's Avatar
    Today, 08:25
    Think I used in the past the Pack 3, model 9 RF-4E with the USMC paints - there are good ones around - to look like an RF-4B (?).
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  • surfguru's Avatar
    Today, 08:21
    You and me both! Just bought the bundle and im a little deflated. Cant start this thing without the gpu for one, I ABSOLUTELY HATE that...not realistic. just about every DC3 Out there including the one I have time in is capable of doing battery at a fuel stop with no services. That being said, even with the GPU (Which I cant stand that opening a door causes the gpu to appear, should all be separate controls imo) i cant seem to get this thing to start. Seems VERY buggy to me for a $65 package. Lights wont go off without battery on, the shadows that were already mentioned, In the VC (which is not a full cabin..bummer) if you go back a ways behind the pilot toward the door..1. You can see a huge crack open to the outside 2. The door doesnt open from the inside..shows open from...
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  • 000rick000's Avatar
    Today, 08:20
    Thank you. Yes! That does look like a slightly different variation of the overall scheme than the one I've done. including, (is that a bear?) tail fin art.
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  • Dornil's Avatar
    Today, 08:13
    Please point me towards improvements to the stock game, if those exist somewhere. 1) Specular shine enabled for the default aircraft. 2) Best textures for the Pacific terrain. 3) Any skins for N1J2? this particular plane seems to be unpopular with the skinners:( 4) CAmpaigns, using the stock assets, or the minimum/easy addition of the new ones. Would appreciate any other recommendations to enhance the PTO experience.
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  • blanston12's Avatar
    Today, 08:11
    I am quite interested in this package. Currently one of my favorite aircraft to fly is Manfred Jahn's C-47 with the Modern VC, cause I would rather fly with modern navigation and the standard C-47 by Manfred does not have a functioning autopilot in the VC (it does in the popup). I was quite interested when I saw the screen shots of the VC with a optional GPS on the dash but on reading the manual I got the impression that to have that you were required to by the flight1 gtn/gns package, which would just about double to cost of the package for me. Is there a way to fly this with modern navigation in the VC without having to buy another third party product?
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  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 07:30
    aha! I tried to contact you through the contact form on the website, or is that the same thing?
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  • surfguru's Avatar
    Today, 07:21
    Any chance I could beg someone to convert this MAAM paint of the C47 into PBR?? This is an old school favorite of mine, been flying this bird since it was released back in the FS2004 Days, trying desperately to keep her in the air in P3DV4.5. Anyone willing???? C-47 (DC-3/R4D-6) "MAAM".zip
    32 replies | 6095 view(s)
  • YoYo's Avatar
    Today, 07:14
    Thanks for the clarification Bazz, dont rush ; ). Just bought DC-3 & C-47 Bundle version on PCAviator :wavey:.
    48 replies | 1475 view(s)
  • Priller's Avatar
    Today, 07:07
    I think I just died and went to heaven!! A weapons configurator panel? DAMN!!! Priller
    12 replies | 3196 view(s)
  • Thudman's Avatar
    Today, 07:05
    That same area would open up the both the Winter War and the Continuation War
    46 replies | 7558 view(s)
  • wombat666's Avatar
    Today, 07:04
    They probably want $$$$ from you Cees, rather an unsubtle way at that! Nice repaints, looking forward to getting airborne in them. :encouragement:
    225 replies | 33853 view(s)
  • Cees Donker's Avatar
    Today, 06:54
    I uploaded this one today. Will be up soon. Why is this ridiculous photobucket tekst in my picture??? :wavey: Cees
    225 replies | 33853 view(s)
  • pomme homme's Avatar
    Today, 06:42
    Might I suggest, SC, that you make it a little more difficult by removing the serial number from the image.
    20859 replies | 3320286 view(s)
  • delta_lima's Avatar
    Today, 06:37
    Yeah, and the brake chute isnt helping matters, either! :biggrin-new: The RF-B disappears because its covered in the RF-4C with (now) selectable fuel tank load, I presume? Great news on the stores selector. :applause:
    12 replies | 3196 view(s)
  • dhasdell's Avatar
    Today, 06:32
    Thank you. I have ordered it from PC Aviator with an additional 10% off for their regular Tuesday sale, but so far have had a series of "Network error" messages when attempting to download it. My forum sig strikes again!
    4 replies | 475 view(s)
  • Motormouse's Avatar
    Today, 06:20
    Fabulous paint job; I had hands on this one @1989; think it use a slightly lighter shade of blue than you have there ttfn Pete (fixer of aeroplanes)
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  • tgycgijoes's Avatar
    Today, 06:18
    Hey Matt, You just continue to create great repaints. I can't wait until Mike releases the B24 package and everyone can share these on the aircraft and fly them. Ed and i are looking for a lot of new pilots when that happens but whether they join us or just buy it for their own hangers, anyone who loves the B24 needs to support Mike's efforts and those of all the repainters here who gave tirelessly of their time and endured all the "cramps" of long hours with the mouse in Photoshop or whatever you use. Hats off to mike_cyul and all the repainters from one of you.:encouragement:
    65 replies | 10913 view(s)
  • Penz's Avatar
    Today, 06:16
    A seriously overloaded Phantom! :) All external stores are now categorized and attached to all 15 aircraft models with visibility conditions, so loadout can be configured by means of a "Weapons Configurator" panel (currently in production). Available models: B, C, D, E, EJ, E (slatted wings), F, G, J, J UK, K (extensible front gear), GR.1, GR.2, RF-C and RF-E. -JP
    12 replies | 3196 view(s)
  • jeansy's Avatar
    Today, 06:04
    31 replies | 1121 view(s)
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