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  • DaleRFU's Avatar
    Today, 06:51
    DaleRFU replied to a thread HUD Replacements? in Prepar3D
    Thank you for that, I will give it a go. :encouragement:
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 06:48
    Just for the record, 32bit or 64bit has little to do with repainting, although there may be limitations for each. Textures in 2048 are quite common and I actually prefer 4096 and I promise you I lack any "deep knowledge" of repainting but it doesn't require a deep knowledge to get started, just a desire to figure out the process. Not a big deal. As for the rarity of quality repaints, we have master repainters in SOH that produce high quality free liveries all the time.
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  • robcap's Avatar
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  • MrZippy's Avatar
    Today, 05:50
    Right on! Maybe a 6-pack! :applause:
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  • Priller's Avatar
    Today, 05:48
    Give this man a beer! Heck, give him several beers!! Priller
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  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Today, 05:28
    I love that the contrails and gtrails are altitude dependent now.
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  • hertzie's Avatar
    Today, 05:26
    To all my dear, talented and respected flightsim-friends: I (maybe just like you) don't like it, but things seem to change, even in the flightsim-world. YOU made things not only for your pleasure, but also for the pleasure of others with the same hobby. Why keeping things for yourselves, when you can make others happy with it? But that's and old-fashioned way of thinking nowadays. Nowadays it's: "what's in it for me". Better get used to it. Fortunately there are still a lot of "old-fashioned thinkers" on this flightsim-site. Let's be proud of them and grateful for what they do for us, and don't spill your energy on those who want to make money out of their hobby. Ignore them, you'll have a better sleep. Donationware is different ofcourse, that's a sign of appreciation. So...
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 04:36
    If you haven't run Orbx Central lately, I would load that program and let it verify the installation and check to see if you have a library update by chance.. It takes a bit but that has corrected the issue for me when I've seen what you are seeing at Randolph.
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  • Leandro Merx's Avatar
    Today, 04:34
    THX huub vink for flatten the waves To end this not wished topic i finally have to say. Almost everybody was able at 2000 to create CFS 2 or a MSFS2000 repaint with 16 bit and a max resolution of 800 x 600. You just needed to use MS paint or the Paint program Abacus Repaint . For repainting a nowadays repaint in 64 bit with and a res of 2048 x2048 you need a deep knowledge of how to use Photoshop. And bringing it up to this quality is very rare.
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  • jmig's Avatar
    Today, 04:27
    jmig replied to a thread HUD Replacements? in Prepar3D
    Try going into the Panel folder. Find the HUD gauge in the VC panel and replace it with the one you want to use. You may need to give the complete location, or copy it to the panel/gauge folder. I have done the latter. You can also try and edit the FONT and COLOR of the text in the xml file. Be sure and back it up, however. I have FUBARed more than one xml file while fiddling with it. :) Hope this helps!
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 04:23
    I have not been able to find certain areas that control the color of the smaller areas (passenger step, pitot tube, ADF antenna, etc.). Do you have anything from the original model that shows the areas those colors come from? Norse-2020-aug-7-001 by Ed Wells, on Flickr
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  • crossram's Avatar
    Today, 04:10
    Why? On about half the posts I look at, the screenshots don't show.
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  • Motormouse's Avatar
    Today, 04:06
    It's included in one of the UK2000 scenery packs for Fs2002 / Fs2004 : these were released as freeware some time ago by Garry Summons, and not on the website anymore . ttfn Pete
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  • crossram's Avatar
    Today, 03:58
    Oh, yeah! Pain. (Miss those clickable gauges.) Thought I had the market on the everybody has one. (Gmax is alot easier to deal with...easy to get wild with it.)
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  • jeansy's Avatar
    Today, 03:58
    regardless frank, as the supplier of the paints for the MV redux and 30 odd other MV huey paints, you dont need to prove yourself
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  • crossram's Avatar
    Today, 03:53
    Appreciate all the words of wisdom! Too easy to make some dumb little mistake, that, like plugged me, takes awhile to figure out! I had done pretty much the same thing, you descibed, then...exported the entire bomb bay w/doors, to make the pylons. Got stupid, 'hid' the bay doors, and forgot about it. :banghead: Those extra doors loaded onto the model, throwing me for a loop! A little grey matter, and I realized what was going on.
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  • wout's Avatar
    Today, 01:46
    Prior to building this 4-seater, Mr...... made a biplane often described as a Jungmeister replica and that biplane is still around.
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  • fsafranek's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:16
    Since you mentioned me. As I said, if I want it bad enough I'll paint it myself. Huey's were fun when I was in the Army but choppers in flightsim really don't interest me much. :ernaehrung004:
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  • updraft's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:06
    Hi This scenery worked like a charm and I have no idea what changed the adjoining polygons. Seem to nighttextured. Has someone an idea what could cause this effect? P3Dv4.5HF3, Orbx America North LC Jpg attached
    38 replies | 5016 view(s)
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