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  • Sopwith Chameleon's Avatar
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  • aleatorylamp's Avatar
    Today, 10:56
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 1 Aircraft Add-Ons Description: CFS1 Caudron R-11 heavy fighter / bomber. French 3-seat twin-engined reconnaissance bomber and heavy escort fighter produced by Caudron Freres in 1917. It was powered by two 220 Hp Hispano Suiza 8Bda engines, with a top speed of 120 mph. Fast and easy to handle, it flew circles around the bombers to protect them. It was the last French production AC of WW1, and was armed with 5 MG´s and a bomb payload of 265 lb. Contains CFS1 .air file, bomb-aimer´s panel, custom panel for mainly default gauges, SCASM-corrected virtual cockpit view, and Dp files. By Stephan Scholz To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit CFS1 Caudron R.11 heavy fighter / bomber 1918 The comments you make there...
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  • Motormouse's Avatar
    Today, 10:26
    and it made its way onto fw200 too Huub ttfn Pete
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  • giruXX's Avatar
    Today, 09:52
    This one ended up as a trailer
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  • Marty's Avatar
    Today, 09:44
    The file is in the at Simvation on the net. there are three aircraft in the 16.9 mb file. they are great aircraft. Doug Westfall has not been active lately. :biggrin-new::wavey:
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  • aleatorylamp's Avatar
    Today, 09:42
    Hello Folks, I have just uploaded the Caudron R.11 escort fighter/bomber, which will be available as soon as it is approved by warbirds library: A bomb run can be effected at 115 mph, at altitudes of 3000, 5000 and 10000 ft as per the scale shown on the Bomb Aimer´s panel. The panel works in map-view with default Zoom.
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  • Moses03's Avatar
    Today, 09:37
    You got it Uli.:guinness: There is information around the net on it along with a wiki page. It's in Aerofiles under "Montijo".
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  • InDeepSchit's Avatar
    Today, 09:35
    Been pining for the Moonbat in the sim for longer than I like to admit, and now here she is, new and improved! Many thanks! I spent the better part of last night and this morning giving the this bird some updates to really bring her to life. -I added landing lights that turn off when the gear is retracted. Since I haven't the slightest idea on how to write xml files correctly, they're controlled with the taxi light switch, which has also replaced the landing light switch in the VC. -I tied the smoke effects to movement of the throttle. -When I was overhauling the flight dynamics I noticed many of the entries in the aircraft.cfg were based off the P-38. Said entries have now been modified to reflect the Moonbat's specs. Found a great source to reference here:...
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Today, 09:27
    Bomber_12th replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
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  • Sundog's Avatar
    Today, 09:23
    This is great news. I really enjoyed the previous version in P3D, so I'm definitely looking forward to this release. Thanks Rob!
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  • giruXX's Avatar
    Today, 09:23
    California "Coupe Cabin" according to my files.
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  • Motormouse's Avatar
    Today, 09:19
    Yes, the textures could do with a little magic; the red has a pinkish hue and the transparencies have a blue tinge, not bad for a first attempt, the VC is bigger than the airframe inside ttfn Pete
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Today, 09:09
    Very excited seeing the FlyingIron Simulations Spitfire in MSFS! In the video description, which dates to December 5th, it stated that its release would be within the next few weeks, which of course has come and gone. Hopefully we will see it released soon! It has been great seeing X-Plane developers crossing over to MSFS.
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  • Captain Kurt's Avatar
    Today, 09:09
    OK guys, all this makes my head spin. Right now I am pretty much a what you see is what you get modeler. I am trying to figure out animations, but not much support documentation is available beyond basic flight controls. I get the timing thing and how to set up keyframe movement, but how do you link an animation movement to a specific command? Is there a guide somewhere that lists what the keyframe title actually is supposed to to be used for, and what command is used in the game to make it happen? What animation keyframe name would I use to move the gun and gunner positions? For example simple keyframe titles like pilot, gunner0,1,2, visor, cowling, etc aren't very helpful as to their function. What can you do with them and what command activates the animation in CFS2? All the...
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  • SW's Avatar
    Today, 09:03
    Hi all. Does anyone know definitively how CFS2 handles the relationship between the "wingmen_lost=" field in a campaign <pilot name>.log file, the number of wingmen lost on the latest mission, and having CFS2 retire your pilot? Some background: Last year (2020) I started to fly some CFS2 campaigns after a break of many years. On one long campaign I was about half-way through the campaign and had lost 13 wingmen. During this campaign the wingmen had shown a marked tendency to collide with each other - and with me on one occasion - for no known reason. At the end of one mission all 7 wingmen had survived, but all flew into the ground and were destroyed short of the runway for no apparent reason. The game then promptly told me I had lost too many wingmen and retired my pilot....
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  • robcarrich's Avatar
    Today, 08:15
    Thanks very much Andy. Still a lot to be done, building the VC gauges will take a while.
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Today, 07:56
    Good morning, All these comments have made me smile and it's great to know I have your support. Talk to you soon. :wavey:
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  • Moses03's Avatar
    Today, 07:55
    West coast USA with the designer having instructed Amelia Earhart at one time.
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  • tgycgijoes's Avatar
    Today, 07:52
    Well, I was double checking the upgrade folder and realized that I inadvertently included the sample from Doug and not the proper aircraft.cfg so delete that one and use this one instead: Sorry for the mistake.
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