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  • one-eye's Avatar
    Today, 11:57
    Need Aircraft Packages Version 1 + 2 + 3 to Join - All Welcome GAME On U Need Firestorm/Fre's Aircraft package to join Limited Ammo / T.A.C. up Set ur Fuel u fool TS3 at SOH----->
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Today, 11:56
    What does it mean? Does it mean you cant choose 26X for example on the radio, or you can take 26X but it doesnt work?
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  • dvj's Avatar
    Today, 11:56
    They show them down in the screenshots I have seen. Very very tempted. My spending budget is about maxed. Let me see now.... P47, F-86, Horton, DO-31, OV-10. The Herc sure looks nice. $40 bucks seems about $10 high for a borrowed soundset and many non-functional features and what appears to be a total lack of liveries. Then there is the just released Tornado. And now APH is teeeezing the Hurricane.
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 11:36
    Sticking - if only for the fact that there are die-hard fans of the type here and this one is (at least mostly) complete. And I'll go ahead and ask since it hasn't been brought up and others may want to know... Do the ramp and doors work?
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  • Allen's Avatar
    Today, 11:22
    Any news? 0123456789
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  • FireStorm II's Avatar
    Today, 11:17
    O.K. Mediafire: I believe this link will only last two weeks....and I'm wondering where I might have gotten my copy...maybe an old grizzly bear...
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  • Javis's Avatar
    Today, 11:04
    :173go1: Didn't they provide an original soundsuite for the FS9/FSX version ?..For all i can remember it was quite an awesome model back then... The one and only reason i'd buy it ! :encouragement: I shall not ask you "Don't you think it looks magnificent then !? " ;)
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  • DaveKDEN's Avatar
    Today, 10:16
    Thanks for the info. Mapping the sounds to the King Air 350 is just lazy (IMO). No TACAN support is a bummer. Old E model cockpit is fine, so long as it's representative of the first H models (not H2 or H3). The E model had a very primitive AP, so without looking at how it works on this model, I'm guessing it's somewhat accurate. In training, they told us it was derived from the B-29's AP.
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  • Fnerg's Avatar
    Today, 09:52
    Fnerg replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
    by Doug Smith Almost finished, need to work on the decals a bit.
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  • mgr's Avatar
    Today, 09:35
    Bought it as C-130 fan... Observations so far: - No custom sound set -> default Asobo_KingAir350 - NO tacan support - cockpit is old really old, to "E" model and NO "H" model as claimed. - very old radios - Visual model is great looking as always! - Very primitive AP
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  • Priller's Avatar
    Today, 08:52
    I love the Herc, jumped out of it +100 times. But life is about choices and if it is between this and the AH Hurricane, it will be the Hurricane. Priller
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  • DaveKDEN's Avatar
    Today, 08:40
    Just saw this over on the Facebook group. Very special place in my heart for the Herc with my USAF time in it back in the day. Looks promising, with some fantastic looking texture modeling, but I'll have to hold off (for now) on this one. I've been spending quite the sum on different aircraft add-ons recently. Not that $39.99 is over the top, but with CS' reputation for MSFS products, I'd like to see a few reviews first.
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  • huub vink's Avatar
    Today, 08:40
    Gerald, I have answered your questions here : Cheers, Huub
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  • huub vink's Avatar
    Today, 08:14
    Gerald, Inside the zip file you downloaded there is a text file called "Hun_password.txt" , which contains the password. I assume you downloaded the FS9 1.1 version for which the password is DU6V4X. Andrew's P-51s are in the CFS2 section of the library here. When you go to the Warbirds Library, select the search option and search on the userid AcWai you will find all his uploads. Around page 5 or 6 you will find his P-51s. Cheers, Huub
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