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  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Today, 03:27
    I've always assumed that the stutters had mostly to do with how the memory buffers were getting filled and then released. I'm sure that in 2000-2002 they did the best that they could with the systems available to optimize the process. With the advent of modern systems with plenty on excess memory, my attempts at monitoring it shows that this old game code never tries to take advantage of most the resources now available to it. A few observations on my current system is that the micro stutters show up with their highest frequency when I'm going low and fast with the screen translating in the left-right direction (looking from the side at the outside of the aircraft). This may relate to their having used something like bit block memory transfers to shift every pixel a little across the...
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  • aircraft_ozone's Avatar
    Today, 03:19
    aircraft_ozone replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
    no, absolutely not, your screenshots are also wonderful! :applause:
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  • noddy's Avatar
    Today, 02:32
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  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 02:13
    jk1917 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr jk1914 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr jk1916 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr
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  • Manschy's Avatar
    Today, 01:23
    Glad to read this! :applause:
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  • BendyFlyer's Avatar
    Today, 01:01
    Excellent news there Wombat. I have been seeing some weird corruption issues lately - feel like I am chasing gremlins - the latest is now mouse and window behaviour in P3D - did a repair on it seems to have fixed it but as to what caused it absolutely no idea and nothing in any event logs to give a clue - I have a suspect lives in Seattle - likes lots of updates!
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  • Mathias's Avatar
    Today, 00:53
    Thanks guys! Pat, very cool story! I'm just afraid we won't include VH-UUR into the package since it's quite different from our version. Looks as if it's been retrofitted with a Continental engine resulting in an entirely different engine cowling and it would also require it's own flight model. I'd pick up on JanKees's offer. I'd suppose he'll get his hands on it right in time. :encouragement:
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  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 00:30
    jankees replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
    they are that bad?
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  • gastonj's Avatar
    Today, 00:29
    Hi, We must take Priller's reaction as a mark of frustration, of spite. There have been so many communications about this project. This is understandable. It does not matter! JMC
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  • StormILM's Avatar
    Today, 00:28
    How odd, I was never notified of the update being installed but it is showing my version and being updated to v1.13.17.0. I will assume it is good to go. So far the testing seemed to indicate that it is.
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  • Pat Pattle's Avatar
    Today, 00:25
    Hi Daniel, to change subject a little the WoTR scenery definitely causes these micro stutters on my BoB install but then my GTX 970 card is getting a bit long in the tooth now.
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  • Ivan's Avatar
    Today, 00:25
    Hello Aleatorylamp, The reason that I don't just volunteer to work on pieces of your projects is basically that I also find the greatest enjoyment in building 3D models. The rest of the projects with DP files, AIR files and such are just things that I have had to learn how to do in order to bring my own projects to completion in the manner that I want. The ridiculous amount of testing (with a stopwatch sometimes) that goes into tuning an AIR file is just plain tedious as is the editing of a DP file. The texturing can also get to be rather tedious. That is why so many of my own projects get stalled in the Workshop at one of these stages after the "fun parts" are done. With the Tigercat, I did some pretty simple MDL fixes in AF99 but didn't go very far because I didn't...
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  • PeteHam's Avatar
    Today, 00:04
    That sure looks good :applause: Pete
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  • cthornburg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:57
    Thanks for info now you chance. Chris
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  • lefty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:43
    It's a Standard JR-1B, Chris, with Wright-Hisso motor. This photo is in Aerofiles, but also elsewhere wrongly captioned as a Curtiss JN-4H.
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  • dvj's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:37
    dvj replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
    Many Thanks! FS2020 is an amazing screenshot generator.
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  • mjahn's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:18
    Allow a current friend of Gordon's to say that surely that's a bit harsh. I do wish the participants would let bygones etc and come to some sort of agreement. --Manfred
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  • PhantomP's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:01
    Hello fellow simmers,I just purchased almost all of Vertigo studios FSX aircrafts boxed versions from playsim from the UK and,I am looking for the latest patch,or patches,paint kits and skins that were downloadable at one time at vertigo studios site,but now all the links are gone now. 1.F9F Panther for FSX. 2.P36 Hawk for FSX. 3.TBM Avenger Deluxe for FSX. 4.F6F Hellcat for FSX. 5.Vans RV8 & RV8a for FSX. 6.PT17 Stearman Model 75 Volume 1 for FSX also,I assume that I purchased The SBD Dauntless for FSX,and the CV6 aircraft carrier from their site it’s the most recent version,I hope? Also does anybody know if these aircraft had an expansion? Thanks
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