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  • klnowak's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:58
    Back from holliday i did the rest of work on these sips. All models are ready and tested now. What still is to do.... the readme for the installation. First the SCB-27C. 7 models with 3 liverys each. All these models in two different variants. One with 3D light and one without. the variant with 3d light is shown up on daylight also....just can`t change that, but i think it is not so bad. Try as you want. If you dont like that...take the variant without those lights. As said before, you will also get all the plane models and decktugs.So you can take the empty varieants and do your own deck layouts or can place other aircraft models you own. Perhaps i will do some other planes and decklayouts in the future. The SCB-27A gets 7 models with 8 liverys each and also the two variants...
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  • TuFun's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:21
    So the (fx_ALPHA_F8_TF_AB.fx) file works as designed only in FSX not for P3Dv3. Did a little digging and looks like P3Dv2.4+ and P3Dv3 have no light effects for AB since it doesn't work. Coding was changed causing the AB texture to be smaller in size compare to FSX. And the AB rings will rotate and will not lock in place. Not a problem in FSX. So something is afoot in P3Dv3. Lifetime=0.30, 0.30 Delay=0.20, 0.20 Bounce=0.00
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  • giruXX's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:02
    on we go ...
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  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:13
    Greycap.raf, you are turning into a skinning/modding guru ! Really enjoying your work. Excellent !
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  • scotth6's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:09
    I just checked my emails and I was surprised to see I paid $490 AUD for my HOTAS Warthog (plus $25 delivery) back in 2015. Just doing a search now shows the Australian prices anywhere between $600 and $950 AUD! It's one of those items you need to hunt around for as the prices are spread over a wide range and occassionally you will see them discounted a bit. I saw one in Australia a few weeks ago going for about $550 AUD but I can't recall the website now. I remember they had a deal on the TrackIR.
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  • heywooood's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:49
    Finally have the wings finished and installed. It took a while to get them laid up, infilled, shaped, sanded smooth and prepped for paint. Here you can see she is standing up for the first time. The only struts left for me to fabricate are the trailing float struts - the mains and the wing support struts are all done. The float struts are only attached to the floats in this image..I still have to paint them and the airplane so they are not glued to the Aeronca just yet. The wing struts are also only fitted to the plane at this point - I'll take them off and paint them separately and then attach them after the air frame is painted.
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  • greenie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:48
    greenie replied to a thread PA-36 released. in X-Plane
    How's the -36 going ? I'm curious to the flight modelling and system depth. I quite like this model for a bit of low and slow.
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  • tgycgijoes's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:48
    In the meantime I downloaded the freeware B24J that was updated for FSX as "Dragon And His Tail" available at a couple of sites onine like AVSIM etc. Last week I created from it a natural metal paintkit to work with the replacement aircrafts of the 461st's four squadrons. The original aircraft were almost entirely OD so I undertook the project of making an OD layer and it worked as you can see. Then started on artwork. I have 12 JYAI B24J's that I will be creating flight plans for out of Wendover AAF where the 461st started training so that I have aircraft on the field as I am training in the Liberator too. I held out a couple of the noseart I created and couldn't decide which one I wanted to fly myself and finally decided. Here are a couple of shots of it finished. All artwork is...
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  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:34
    The painted on white sidewalls are a nice bit of historic realism.
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  • jeansy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:33
    jeansy replied to a thread Editing "Effects" files in Prepar3D V4
    Just start again and make sure you have the latest verson of the sdk Just note, this is the p3d v4 forum so things maybe different for v3 and file structures may be different as well To get this to work in v4 and quite possibly in v3 you will need to 1. by deleting what folders and files you have created in your documents folder for this 2 Copy the visual tools folder from the sdk into your p3d v3 addons folder in your documents folder
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  • rvn817j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:25
    I just checked and was surprised to see that Amazon and Newegg are both about $450. I purchased mine form Newegg 8 months ago and stick / throttle were a little north of $350. I will also now admit I did EA on the F-16!
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  • Milton Shupe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:11
    Okay, thought so now that you say the FSX port over version works. That is interesting. At least you can sail. :-) I have asked Rob to "weigh in" on the issue when he has time. Thanks for your patience.
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  • LouP's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:08
    I like them and thank you Simon. LouP
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  • LouP's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:05
    Looks special to me. Thank you. LouP
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  • p14u2nv's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:04
    Good luck and a speedy recovery to you GMan. Take good care
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  • p14u2nv's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:59
    Looks excellent as always sir! Thank you
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  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:59
    The quickest way to check is probably to look at the beginning of the events.xml text file and see if there are entries there for engine controls numbered 1-4. They are here if you need to install them again.
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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:44
    GREAT story, Pat! Pete
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  • mal998's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:40
    Oh yeah, that's the VC I've been hoping for. Beautiful work. Good luck with the surgery and rehab.
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  • PhantomTweak's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:26
    The Marines, in their infinite wisdom, sent me to Oceana to go to school on the "new" radar system the Marines finally got. Only 20+ years out of date, but it was relatively new to the Corps. Well, "new" is relative. I'd already been working on this particular system for 5 years. "School" was a tad redundant for me. They gave me the final Practical test the first day. I started the bench up, moved the hand-controller a few times, and shut it down. They thought I'd been bragging, and was lost, until I rattled off the exact failed transistor they had put in to test me. It was a common failure, easy to diagnose, easy to repair. After that, they arranged it so that I just came in in the morning, checked and repaired, as needed, their benches for them, before everyone else showed up. In...
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