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  • ak416's Avatar
    Today, 11:09
    ak416 replied to a thread Patch in Flight Simulator 2020
    I would hardly call it a conversion, honestly. Just imported the FSX model into the new sim. It doesn't fly correctly. It's a very involved process converting everything into the new .cfg formats and I have no idea what I'm doing so that makes thing a bit more difficult. But it looks great and the afterburner works. Also the vapor effects and most of the click spots work. Hoping to eventually get it to a state where I can at least take off, fly it and land even if it's not quite "by the book". I've been following OzWookie's guide
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  • Moses03's Avatar
    Today, 11:08
    Knowing Mike's nod to Gallic flying machines, not getting much of a vibe from it. Big wheels!
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  • PhantomTweak's Avatar
    Today, 10:57
    It's odd to think of the Hornets the Blues were in for so long called "Legacy". I was stationed at MCAS Yuma when they first got their brand new C Model Hornets. I was sad to see them get rid of their Phantoms. I had been watching them over at El Centro practicing the whole time I was stationed at MCAS. Only an hour ride from Yuma on my bike. Maybe less, depending on how many CHPs were out that day. :D IN their Phantoms. Big, smokey, loud...crowd pleasers. Just as I got out, they were transitioning to Hornets, along with the rest of the Navy/MC. One day I was working out on the flight line, doing the Electric Shop turn-arounds on the Kfirs with 401, and I saw a Hornet in the Blue's colors come in at the far end of the runway. I thought he was going to land, but he stayed a couple...
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  • nagpaw's Avatar
    Today, 10:28
    Great read, NC! I'm surprised the author didn't say anything about that freeloader sitting in back, following him around everywhere in the Phantom :wink:
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  • jim's Avatar
    Today, 10:26
    jim replied to a thread Msfs 2020 in Flight Simulator 2020
    So I finally have the latest updates & the MSFS software installed (4 hrs.) after getting halfway & having my internet line interrupted (start all over). And I'm still missing 29 aircraft from my orig. download. Come on Microsoft get your act together. It really is a POS.
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  • nagpaw's Avatar
    Today, 10:25
    Lookin' sharp! I can't wait for airshows to come back. Does anyone know if the new J-model Fat Albert will be performing next season?
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  • gaucho_59's Avatar
    Today, 10:23
    Available as usual. Comments and requests welcome. G.
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  • Brytskiva's Avatar
    Today, 09:38
    Yes , and now my Throttle function is "defunct" after the patch , only full or zero amount ( Thustmaster Airbus ) :banghead:
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Today, 08:37
    When you do, start a new thread as this has wandered!:biggrin-new::dizzy:
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  • UncleTgt's Avatar
    Today, 08:28
    & a couple more RAAF Spit VC trops from 79 sqn...
    743 replies | 148869 view(s)
  • UncleTgt's Avatar
    Today, 08:26
    Allen's B17F WIP - being turned into a PTO skip bomber of 63rd Bomb Squadron
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  • UncleTgt's Avatar
    Today, 08:24
    Some more Australian fighters ...
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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Today, 07:38
    Navy Chief replied to a thread P3D_V5 Screenshots P3D V 5 in Prepar3D
    The "Pregnant Guppy"! NC Wasn't a pilot, but I do know what it is like to fly in them (backseater). Those birds were built like tanks! On one ride, the pilot was doing spin tests. NC
    507 replies | 31344 view(s)
  • Seahawk72s's Avatar
    Today, 07:30
    This update focuses on compatibility with MSFS 1.9.3, but also includes a few new features and quality of life updates as well.
    9 replies | 484 view(s)
  • dvj's Avatar
    Today, 07:20
    dvj replied to a thread Patch in Flight Simulator 2020
    Water effects and reflections add to the overall immersion of the sim just like clouds or landclass and everything else that makes up the landscape.
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  • swpierce's Avatar
    Today, 07:20
    I would like to add that I am greatly appreciative of the stuff that comes out here. There is always something new and interesting to explore without having to learn an entire new game/sim from scratch. Thanks!
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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Today, 07:10
    Thanks all, I am downloading now. Japan update installing, but wasn't there a small update prior to this one? NC
    3 replies | 72 view(s)
  • hschuit's Avatar
    Today, 07:02
    hschuit replied to a thread P3D_V5 Screenshots P3D V 5 in Prepar3D
    The excellent Sim Skunk Works Streak for P3Dv5 is very good value for money (only 10 euros). I am very happy with the keyless installer, no more re-activation headaches. Markings: Royal Dutch Air Force 315 Sqn ca. 1969. I disabled HDR, Enhanced Atmospherics and dynamic reflections, I prefer the standard clouds and colors...
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  • warchild's Avatar
    Today, 07:01
    and then get ready for the main 8.5 gigabyte update to download on restart.. ( They certainly picked an odd way to do this ).
    3 replies | 72 view(s)
  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 06:51
    Go to the MS Store app (not the website) and pull up your version. That should trigger a small update. Once that's done, launch the sim and it should pull the large update. Restart the sim, then go to the Marketplace and "Buy and Download" the Japan package.
    3 replies | 72 view(s)
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