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  • JensOle's Avatar
    Today, 00:58
    JensOle replied to a thread Sad news in FSX General Discussion
    That is very sad news. I did not know Dave personally, but I had a lot of chats with him over the years both here at the SoH and the CBFS. I appreciated his inputs on my projects very much and he had a lot of knowledge about British military aviation. In particular we had a lot of fun with RN/FAA related FS projects. Thank you for all your help Dave! We have lost a very valued member of our community. You will be truly missed.
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  • zsoltquack's Avatar
    Today, 00:40
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  • 000rick000's Avatar
    Today, 00:30
    Had a small time today...refined left Wing a little more. WIP. getting there!
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  • stuart277's Avatar
    Today, 00:08
    stuart277 replied to a thread Panel van in Racer's Paddock
    I could not resist. Panel Vans were very popular in Oz in the 1970's. Holden's and Fords, There were some very elaborate setups. And a motto was 'If it's a rockin' don't come knockin' Cheers Stuart
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  • William Njurmi's Avatar
    Today, 00:06
    Hello, Orbx seems to have a lot of nice sceneries for the Papua New Guinea area but do they match with the marvellous Salomon Islands WW2 freeware which I would certainly priorize over Orbx?
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  • scotth6's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:49
    Great news Gordon, you are a lucky man. Hoping to see the fruits of some of your hard work in the future. I know it will be amazing. Cheers,
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  • zsoltquack's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:19
    Does not appear starter cart and ladder!
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  • fabulousfour's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:02
    Looks like the strange plane built by Adolph Schad in 1927. Don't know of any designation.
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  • PhantomTweak's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:22
    PhantomTweak replied to a thread AI Carriers in Prepar3D
    Hi Chuck! The example I showed was only that, an example. I whole-heartedly, 100%, agree with you about the Program Files directory. It should be avoided at all costs. Should have a big notification on it: KEEP OUT! Hope that clears things up. Maybe as clear as mud now? :biggrin-new: Pat☺
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  • manfredc3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:52
    You are lucky in multiple ways, An awesome graphics card. Now being able to do what you love doing on any FS platform, using great tools. and a wife that loves you so much, she even supports you with a great gift You are a lucky sob all around :jump: And as a small side effect, (uhh waddayamean small?), we are the lucky ones being able to enjoy all your hard work
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  • Javis's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:48
    Javis replied to a thread Panel van in Racer's Paddock
    Ok, great ! Thanks, guys ! So basicly it's the replacement of glass windows by metal panels that gave the name to this type of vans/trucks. As a flightsimmer from FSII onwards you can imagine my main understanding of the word 'panel' .... ;-) All clear now, one more mistery solved. Most of these cars look quite wonderful, both original vintage and modern hot rod vesions as well. My friend and neighbour is an American cars nut (from my avatar it's clear where my heart is fixed on re cars...) He has an immaculate Chevy pick-up 1968 and a late 50's Ford Fairline that he's working on. He stumbled over this the other day and now can't sleep anymore : I shall be happy now to inform him about why it is called a Ford F100 Panel Truck . Atleast that's something.. ;-)
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  • smilo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:10
    to be completely honest, it doesn't really matter. my main interest is in the WWII era trainer. the post war crop duster or modified civilian hot rod, i'm sorry to say...not so much. (i hope that wasn't rude) i patiently await
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  • Portia911's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:32
    Hey Gordon, having read of some of your misfortunes in the past, it's really nice to hear this good news. Enjoy!
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  • dvslats's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:29
    Happy Birthday Mario! How's that house coming along?
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  • Moses03's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:51
    We got underway today. Bit of a rough start...must have been the radiation!
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  • heywooood's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:43
    if you really want to fly this airplane you should buy the Aerosoft kit. You get the short range clipped wing version and the cross country long ranger. To fly it you only need to remember that it isn't a Cessna - you do not use full throttle on take -off, you reduce throttle and mixture once airborne and pull the prop / RPM control back about a the manifold pressure and keep all the dials in the green. It flies so beautifully and gleams like a minnow the startup engine smoke might drag your frame rates into the dirt but when the smoke clears you get great frame rates out of it- almost no impact. I disabled the smoke because it was ridiculous and I can tell you how to do that if you...
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  • henrystreet's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:32
    Congrats on all fronts. Best of luck with the new hardware.
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  • heywooood's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:19
    ok - stay away from anything by Mark Rooks or Michael Pook - always junk
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  • Daveroo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:08
    wow,but looking at the pic you posted,youve been blessed for a long while......very nice looking wife there sir!.................nice bike as well.......... BTW,,,my dear wife is the puss in my avitar...............................sighs:dejection:
    8 replies | 287 view(s)
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