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  • aeronca1's Avatar
    December 21st, 2019, 06:02
    I would love to see a completely redone Dash 7 from Milton. I first flew on a Dash 7 during trial flights from Ottawa to Montreal. I fell in love with it. Although Milton's Dash 7 is still extremely nice, I wonder what it would be like if redone from scratch, It's Christmas, one can dream!:biggrin-new:
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    January 8th, 2020, 09:52
    Rob has posted some new pics of his Banshee!
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  • Shessi's Avatar
    December 30th, 2019, 05:59
    Hi Folks, I'm only asking as I know you're a broad minded lot, erring mostly on the WWI/WWII/Cold war eras, but a wish/need/want list would be good to get the 'juices' going. Also maybe stimulate others into 'having a go', helping on joint projects etc.... New aircraft, re-makes of older models, airfields, scenery, vehicles, ships, weapons, repaints etc......... So come on then?..... Cheers
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  • noddy's Avatar
    January 11th, 2020, 08:08
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  • SiR_RiPPER's Avatar
    January 3rd, 2020, 12:25
    We are proud to present the T-37B Tweet for Prepar3D v4! Making use of the latest features available in the sim, the Tweet is the culmination of three years of systems and graphics developement. From PBR materials and custom animations, to deep systems and realistic flight dynamics, the SWS team has strived to bring the Tweet back into service! A trainer both in reality and in the sim, the Tweet is easy to operate and fly. Whether you are a hardcore simmer who wants to fly according to the Dash 1, or a casual flyer who just wants a quick hop, the SWS Tweet will cater to both sides of the spectrum! Features: High detail exterior and interior model, including animated 3D pilots Five liveries using 4k PBR textures
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  • Shessi's Avatar
    December 30th, 2019, 05:55
    Hi Folks, I'm only asking as I know you're a broad minded lot, erring mostly on the Golden/WWII/Cold war eras, but a wish/need/want list would be good to get the 'juices' going. Also maybe stimulate others into 'having a go', helping on joint projects etc.... New aircraft, re-makes of older models, airfields, scenery, vehicles, repaints......... So come on then?..... Cheers
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  • Naruto-kun's Avatar
    December 21st, 2019, 22:41
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  • roger-wilco-66's Avatar
    December 22nd, 2019, 00:38
    As the title says! Cheers, Mark
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  • gecko's Avatar
    January 4th, 2020, 22:36
    I've been sitting on this unfinished project for most of the last decade - finally decided I needed to get it finished. It took so long because the water colors in CFS3 are defined by a single 512x512 texture that covers the entire map. I decided it would be much better if it were higher resolution, so I went with the largest texture my system could handle creating with so many layers: 4096x4096. With no well defined shorelines on the original texture, I pretty much had to guess, sometimes pixel by pixel where to put shorelines, blend estuaries, etc. Just recently I received a massive boost by a guy who wants to be known only as Ed, who hung out over at the WOTR forums and had created some maps of the shorelines. This no doubt literally saved me years of work and probably made the...
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  • Spad54's Avatar
    December 29th, 2019, 05:47
    As we've done with all projects, the GAS WACO UPF-7 is being offered first to the SOH community recognizing your support of our efforts to bring Golden Age aircraft to FSX FSXSE and P3D. The custom installer will place the model in your versions of flight simulator. It may be downloaded here for 15 USD list price will 19.95 when it goes to the vendors at the end of the week. Sale ends on Saturday 1/4. Happy New Year
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  • Fibber's Avatar
    December 24th, 2019, 06:09
    MERRY CHRISTMAS :santahat: AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR !! to all and all the ships at sea.
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  • wombat666's Avatar
    January 5th, 2020, 20:28
    I assume that Pat (Aussie-man) is otherwise occupied with his volunteer duties so I've collected some further information on this disaster. What is notable compared to previous seasons is the proximity of these very fierce fires to urban areas. We are a 200+/- K from the fires and yet visibility in our coastal area is below 1.5 K. Since the start of the season, the ongoing bushfires destroyed 1,298 homes, as well as 48 facilities and more than 2,000 outbuildings in New South Wales alone. Eighteen people are confirmed to have been killed in New South Wales since October. The latest fatality was reported on 5 January 2020 following the death of a man in Batlow.
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  • rotorhub's Avatar
    December 29th, 2019, 07:27
    rotorhub started a thread Jet Provost T.4 in Prepar3D V4
    Jet Provost T.4 in the making. Release will be when I am done. No paint yet, just mapping and animations done. VC is in the works. It will be payware, but very reasonable. Rotorhub
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  • jankees's Avatar
    January 2nd, 2020, 06:58
    I thought I'd start a thread for the new year to show you what I am working on. For the RCS B-25: jk4106 jk4108 and a bit more winter camo for the Aeroplane Heaven He-111 jk4122 jk4121
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  • huub vink's Avatar
    January 7th, 2020, 04:54
    I finally did it and bought a state of the art machine to replace my 12 years old one. It means a lot of re-installing. As I haven't got a clue what I currently have installed concerning ground textures, water textures and clouds, it will be a challenge to get it as good looking as it currently is........ (well at least according my opinion) Like with all my previous installs I will try to keep it as clean as possible. But like all previous times, I'm sure I will fail :biggrin-new: I could of course copy large parts of my previous installs, but as said I what to keep it cleaner than it currently is....... The four basic CDs will create me a vanilla copy. which is will use to create a copy which will be Golden Wings 3 and a second copy which will become Silver...
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  • gray eagle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:10
    Was their a visible burner effect for the FSX version of the Banshee? From the rear spot view, I only see the engine burners when the engines spool up then it's lights out.....
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  • fde_bressy's Avatar
    December 28th, 2019, 04:26
    Merry Xmas to you all and your families and relatives. I made, as Christmas gift, two skinpacks for an underrated nice biplane, that saw combat during WWII. Hinds at war: This skinpack is made of 5 repaints for Ted Cooks’s Hart derivatives for CFS2 (see in the library) RAF-Hawker Hind Mk.I TT An RAF unarmed, dual control, Hawker Hind Trainer L7213, probably used as target tug, painted according to a picture found on the web.
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  • euroastar350's Avatar
    December 25th, 2019, 00:15
    Available as release candidate ;) There will be some issues and this is stated in the included readme.
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  • Shessi's Avatar
    December 23rd, 2019, 05:38
    Hi Folks, Just uploaded the CFS2 version of the Arado Ar234A V7. Pleased how it's come out having to change a lot of things for CFS2 ani's and usability! Now, PLEASE read the README! There are a few things to do to use all the ani's, and the operation and flying of the model needs practice, sounds complicated, but it's not and it's all worth it (IMHO lol!). Interesting, fun to fly and operate. Cheers
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  • Shadow Wolf 07's Avatar
    December 27th, 2019, 11:39
    I am installing/testing UT's Wake and Marcus. I've tried everything I know, but I stll get thee black texture squares. Any idea on how to get them to display right? If you've seen the screenshots by UT, he doesn't have this problem. I hsve it on both my Win7 and Win10 systems :banghead: :dizzy:
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