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  • Chuka's Avatar
    Today, 11:49
    Addons:Prepar3D V4.5 Hotfix 2Reality Xp GTN 750ChasePlaneCarenado Phenom 100Phenom 100 Phoenix mod by Novej757Active SkyREX Sky ForceRio de Janeiro Santos Dumont by Paulo RicardoTrackIRORBX GlobalFTX TreesPTSTomato Shade
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  • Sarg Willy's Avatar
    Today, 11:46
    Ravenna Gunstation,s represent the weighted center of gravity position , for the ammo weight , x,y,z, If the Gun,s = 0 retains all zero,s , then Gunstation,s -- x,y,z becomes the flash point too, Gun,s may also contain --x,y,z as a number also , this is the secondary flash point monicure , It has no bearing on aircraft CFG , center of gravity , and is souly a flash point set up , shifting the gun flash point left -right -front to back -- Gun,s the secondary source ,x.y.z is adjusted plus or minus from X,Y,Z of Gunstation ,s to correct flash point --
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  • kl791's Avatar
    Today, 11:44
    Thanks and thanks for borrowing me the Fearless and Intrepid - with them in I think in the end I will just miss one or two ships from the first 24 hours of the landings. But there is still work to do, but at least today I got an impression of how it will work out in the sim. PS... If anybody has a low poly Wessex to add that would be highly appreciated... I am better at modelling ships than flying objects...
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  • Captain Kurt's Avatar
    Today, 11:38
    The only way I know would be to make sure the German aircraft has instruction to bail out, to ditch or to land at a Swiss base - depending on what you want the outcome to be - BEFORE it crosses the border. (For a German A/C to land at a Swiss base, your front line would need to cross the border enough to include the Swiss airbase in the German side)
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  • Captain Kurt's Avatar
    Today, 11:33
    OK got it thanks. :wavey:
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  • DaveWG's Avatar
    Today, 11:20
    Looking absolutely superb. :applause:
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  • kl791's Avatar
    Today, 11:07
    Learning every day... that was actually what I tried without luck before, but the surprise was that when I now went back on my GMAX computer where I'm logged in on youtube then the show notes, shows more, than when I was on my other PC and not logged into youtube... but for other videos it is not the same - there I can see the show notes without being logged in... anyway, I happy... beautiful breathtaking music for a grey, rainy and stormy Sunday afternoon
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  • noddy's Avatar
    Today, 11:04
    noddy replied to a thread Assetto Corsa Redux in Racer's Paddock
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  • fsafranek's Avatar
    Today, 10:53
    Play the video. Click the Youtube logo along bottom edge of video. That will open it in YouTube with show notes below. Easy Peasy. :ernaehrung004:
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  • fabulousfour's Avatar
    Today, 10:48
    First flight of the mystery was shortly after WW1. A (probably one-off) civil conversion of a type mostly used by the military.
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  • Thomas J Wood's Avatar
    Today, 10:46
    Yikes! No flames please. Yeah Edd is right... in my younger days I would say stuff because I could do it and just thought "Hey I can do that" and I could and can, but I always made the mistake of estimating time. I'm old now so that is driven out of my system. Mainly because when you contract to say Bungie or some one you get your butt sued off for not completing things on time, at the very minimum a $5000.00 per week penalty for every week you are late on you just get it done! I'm just looking for a place to settle in and just enjoy the rest of my short life that is in front of me and do something fun instead of being driven to get rich and make as much as possible.I have done that...its not all that its cracked up to be. Good family, friends, health and conscience...
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  • kl791's Avatar
    Today, 10:43
    Thanks… as at least I didn't find the link, how did you do?
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  • ian elliot's Avatar
    Today, 10:40
    Haguenau in France, 15 miles north of Strasbourg and close to the German border. Originally an airfield used by the French army, seized by the Germans in 1940 and developed into a night fighter airfield until late 1944. Although ideally placed for NF operation's, it was heavily attacked 3 time's by the allies, 2 daylight raids by the USAAF 8TH, and a particularly devastating lowlevel attack by P47 Thunderbolts in the spring of 44 This is a rather basic airfield, as i didnt have much to go on, just hangers and a few vehicles, figured i'd let you guys play with it. A suprisingly short runway at 2700ft, which i double check'd , i struggle to take of with a fully fuelled-up Me 110, but it work'd for them :-) There is a traffic file included using Groundcrew's FS9 BF-110 G4----
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Today, 10:40
    A family friend, who passed away a number of years ago now, named Al Dexter, was a pilot in the 566th BS, 389th BG based at Hethel (the 389th, as well as the 445th and 453rd which Stewart was part of, formed the 2nd Air Division). He was the pilot of the first crew that flew the B-24J "Pugnacious Princess Pat" (44-10579), from July 11, 1944 to November 2, 1944, completing 35 missions. On my shelves I have a copy of a certificate he was given upon the completion of his 35th mission that inducted him into the "Lucky Bastard Club" and which allowed him to go home - I thought some of you might get a kick out of it! I've seen other versions of this certificate around the web. On the return side, I have a listing of each of his 35 missions with dates for each mission and locations of the...
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  • Bjoern's Avatar
    Today, 10:38
    "Music in this video Song Breathe-Extreme Music/2 Steps from Hell Artist Two Steps From Hell Album SkyWorld" Not interested in testing; only wanted to demonstrate how terribly easy it is to find this out. ;)
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  • kl791's Avatar
    Today, 10:31
    It won't be long before I can send you a test version and you can check if they are looking out from one of the cabins :D Here a beautiful video with the old first lady of P&O
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  • rtoolooze's Avatar
    Today, 09:54
    I'm definitely Interested, and hope this see's the light of day!
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  • kl791's Avatar
    Today, 09:52
    After the issues above I am back on track with the 1982 shipping... Today I tested the first version of the San Carlos Bay landing... Dave's Intrepid and Fearless joined by a bunch of Round Table class LSTs The SS Canberra entering San Carlos Bay - this is still not the final version - this will be the civil version, but it is used as placeholder, while I finish the war time version with added heli decks
    517 replies | 117550 view(s)
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