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  • mjahn's Avatar
    Today, 00:49
    Total pleasure watching the vid. Spectacular shots! :applause:
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Today, 00:24
    My friend has 1080 and Odyssey also, he bought the new GPU (last week) after VR tests in MSFS (beta) because, as he claims, the simulator was unplayble on this card simply. The situation was somewhat remedied by re-projection for 30 now but as he said it was an slideshow still, better as it was but slideshow even on low settings. Its easy to check (or quite easy) - if your sim runs 100% more or more of your half refresh rate of your HMD - will be ok in VR or near OK. For example - if you have stable 60 fps on 2D screen it will be ok in VR with 30 Hz / 30 fps, or 90 fps, will be ok on 45 Hz with 45 fps. It's a very simple translation, but that's more or less the relationship. Unfortunately VR (in simulators) is demanding. MS did now new kind of reprojection and for example you can use...
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  • nschley's Avatar
    Today, 00:01
    Hi all I recently installed some older french sceneries for nostalgic reasons. They all have a directory often called "geo(modif)" or similar, which obiviously entails scenery files. The file names often have extensions like *_2.bgl, *_3.bgl, *_5.bgl or *_9.bgl. I am not sure, but think to remember that each extension refers a specific topic like mesh, landclass, river, road, etc. If this is right, could anybody explain which extension belongs to what? Thank you
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  • hschuit's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:54
    If you just want to make a simple flat airport background or change the airport elevation use Airport Design Editor (aka ADE), if you want to fix cliffs around the airport use Terrain Sculptor Pro.
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  • dcb337's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:29
    Here a couple of screen captures. They are done in my monitor's native resolution of 1600 x 1050. I use 32 bit setting in cfs3. I don't know if you can see it all that well but if you look at the radio wire on the Hurri you see the problem. This is actually pretty mild on a still shot but when it starts rotating around the AC on the tarmac you can really see it. I did go to my nVidea control panel and incorporated as many of your Diablo settings as my card's control program allows. I really didn't see much of a difference to be honest but I've read a few of your posts and you are way beyond me in terms of skill and knowledge. To answer mongoose, my config settings are like Spinal Tap, everything is set at 11.
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  • BendyFlyer's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:35
    BendyFlyer replied to a thread What a mess! in Prepar3D
    I can say that V5.1.12 has met my expectations for a flight simulator not just a game. I did upgrade well no I bought a completely new PC with P3DV5 and MSFS2020 in mind for specification, I also made sure it was fitted with the hardware recommended or used themselves namely Intel and NVIDIA. Interestingly some of the graphics features in V5 cannot be produced if it is not an NVIDIA card so that also raises the issue to my mind of the software people driving us down a path vis a vis hardware. Was it worth it? you bet not a single tweak, fix or change needed to anything, it works flawlessly right of the install. Sobering up - it was an expensive change as the machine you now need is mid to high level in the gaming machine pantheon, I can live with a more modest 6 core 12 thread CPU it is...
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  • darrenvox's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:59
    keep up the good work al
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  • Scorch00's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:31
    Scorch00 replied to a thread What a mess! in Prepar3D
    You're not the only one that feels that way. I personally passed even attempting to mess with MSFS2020 and stayed on P3DV4.5. As far as I was concerned, I knew this was going to be how it was. I'm waiting for the SDK to be released before I bother investing money into possibly updating my system to handle it better in the future. Most new platforms are essentially launched this way it seems, i.e. mostly completed base products while the peripherals get completed/tweaked in post launch updates/patches. Helps them recover R&D costs and get profits faster as well launching this way. Although, like most it makes the initial launch massive, but interest ends up falling relatively quickly as a result. Because it's not completely done, people get bored with it. I think a lot, if not most people...
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  • heywooood's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:22
    some ignition wiring detail..much more to do yet
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  • thunderstreak's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:07
    thunderstreak replied to a thread What a mess! in Prepar3D
    I think you’ll find the latest version of P3D (5.1 +) much easier on hardware. My rig has some pretty dated components. I can finally fly through the big cities that were slideshows before. Give it a shot, you may be pleasantly surprised.
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  • PeteHam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:05
    Does any on know where I can get a Terrain Flattening program to use in FSX please. I've got one airport (non ORBX) that's not sitting right with ORBX Vector & LC installed. Thanks. Pete
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  • mcbob's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:01
    Here is the web address to the thread of my similar problem, I don't know how to make it a link. The first post shows a way I was able to work around the problem. Don't know if it will work for you. Bob
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  • dcc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:35
    dcc started a thread old map data in Flight Simulator 2020
    Some of the map data is much older than I thought it would be. I live in the States, in central Illinois, which I thought was one of the areas that got updated data in last week's update (at least from what I could tell from the map they showed) But I flew just north of my city and over my work complex, and noted that the streets and buildings as they were back in 2000. I looked on Bing maps and sure enough, that's what was there. The city appears to have updated imagery (about 5 years old based on my neighborhood), but just north of the city hasn't been updated in nearly two decades. Google maps has features in this same area north of the city that are as recent as two years ago. MS has some catching up to do. Makes me wonder how often they will update the data. Still...
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  • highpockets's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:23
    RWILLS Seems to work OK in one set of missions. I will try in another install and another A/C.
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  • gray eagle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:17
    Thanks for the info. I thought I'd be SOL after hearing that but then I see you did post this info: By request from original developer: Manfred Jahn Boeing B-50 Superfortress for Prepar3Dv4, Prepar3Dv5 and MSFS Manfred Jahn Boeing C-97 Stratofreighter/Stratotanker for Prepar3Dv4, Prepar3Dv5 and MSFS Manfred Jahn Douglas C-47 Dakota for Prepar3Dv4, Prepar3Dv5 and MSFS Lockheed Jetstar for FSX, Prepar3D, Prepar3Dv4, Prepar3Dv5 and MSFS
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  • Aharon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:02
    Thanks BUT that is for FSX default DC-3 I am looking for that specific repaint in the screenshot above showing Manfred Jahn model base with that specific amazing repaint. Regards, Aharon
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  • gman5250's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:50
    They won't work in 4.5. The 4.5 model will be released right after the V5 model. Version 5 uses an entirely new color rendering model that utilizes all four color channels in Photoshop. Those will break any earlier version of the sim.
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  • TARPSBird's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:47
    This is a real nice plane. When I downloaded it I was on the Windows 7 side of my PC where I only have FSX-SE and it worked fine there except for the normal autogen scenery issue with the prop blur and some kind of weird panel (?) glitch where I have a gap at the bottom of the screen. I've since moved it over to FS9 and no problems at all. Thank you Shessi! :encouragement:
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  • MrZippy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:45 You may need to be on Facebook to get to the repaint site. :wavey:
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