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  • Dimus's Avatar
    Today, 11:40
    I checked the Avatar in my setup, with ORBX SAK and had no problem climbing the pier. For some reason the coastline may be located differently in your setup. I would suggest using the slew function to get on the deck of the pier if you wish to board a plane moored there. As for the wav files the method you described should work, provided you save them in the exact same filenames and location.
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  • Shadow Wolf 07's Avatar
    Today, 11:33
    ... was gonna be my next suggestion Or perhaps one of the FDG "F-4F3/4 Pack: and substitute in all missions. Having the "Pack" will give you the aircraft, necessary for much of my early war campaigns too. :wavey: You have to keep in mind that our collection of aircraft, here at SOH, has evolved greatly since the AF_SBD came out.
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  • HyFlyer's Avatar
    Today, 11:27
    Jv at orbx announced that Aerofly TureEarth Netherlands is coming along great (pictures soon) and has still has the great FPS Aerofly is known for. Which means get ready for Netherlands VR!
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  • triflyman's Avatar
    Today, 11:18
    One other question, please. I would like to make the two .wav files a little louder (without having to turn up the volume on my setup). Pulled them into Audacity, increased the volume in the files by 15 db and saved them as .wav files again. They play fine on the Windows player but won't play at all in the Sim. So had to revert back to my back-ups. I've done this before a couple of times on aircraft sound files that worked fine. Can you tell me how I can increase their volume? Thanks,
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  • Saxon_Krieger's Avatar
    Today, 11:15
    I was having issues with my custom .xca config file having duplicate button and axis assignments, causing the CFS3 engine to crash. After another clean install of ETO 1.5 and installing my CH input devices, it was happening again :banghead: (Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot)! It finally occurred to Einstein here, that one must close the Control Center after EACH input device is programed, then reopen it in Game Options-or the custom config will not be saved and the settings will get corrupted between the input devices. Why was that sooo hard ? This may save someone hours of frustration, marital strife, a visit from the ASPCA, local Law Enforcement, or potential substance abuse. Regards-
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  • nigel richards's Avatar
    Today, 11:05
    South African Air Force, (CFS) AVRO Tutor, early 1930s...
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  • wout's Avatar
    Today, 10:38
    A little bit of everything. Sorry, not my fault it still is a highwinger.
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  • Naismith's Avatar
    Today, 10:17
    Seems fine this morning. I think the thread can be closed. Thanks all.
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  • middle's Avatar
    Today, 10:15
    hiya Rami and Hairyspin....Guys,I successfully installed FSX on my laptop using Steam and it works for now due to time constainta and the fact that i'm limited to wifi where I'm living, i'll have to hold off on cfs 3 for a bit. when I originally bought FSX, and Istill have the discs, I got it installed, it was running fine and then I installed some add-on and it got weird so I had to uninstall..when I tried to reinstall, because of MS's stupid code, I couldn't do it and I finally just gave up. It took me five hrs to download it with steam and it slipped by mean when it installed in the x86 program files, but all in all I'm satisfied for the thanks for the advice and tips..
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  • The B24 Guy's Avatar
    Today, 10:11
    :birthday: Killer Svend
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  • Ferry_vO's Avatar
    Today, 10:11
    Ferry_vO replied to a thread Lensball. in Photography
    Microsoft has a free program called ICE ( which is pretty good at stitching images together. The lensball is nice and cheap alternative for a fisheye lens, I might have to purchase the larger version for myself..
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  • Spad54's Avatar
    Today, 10:09
    Spad54 replied to a thread P3D v4 Screenshots in Prepar3D V4
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  • Led Zeppelin's Avatar
    Today, 10:08
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  • Spad54's Avatar
    Today, 10:06
    The model is fully compatible with all versions of P3D here are screen shots in V4.
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  • Spad54's Avatar
    Today, 10:03
    While the VC continues to be developed the exterior of the PT-17 is complete. This is the clean version a slightly distressed livery is being developed. We've come to the decision that the Naval variant will be modeled as the PT-13D - N2S-2 with the Lycoming R-680-17. Here is the PT-17 in FSX
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  • heywooood's Avatar
    Today, 09:51
    this just might work out..
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  • acwai1's Avatar
    Today, 09:44
    I am trying to update two of my aircraft (IAR80 and MS406) with break apart features. Do you have time to work on it? I can send you the FSC files. I can not get FSDS to work with Windows 7. I can get FSDS ver 3 to run but I can not even make a box to fly in CFS2. I am missing all the support SDK files and msxml files. I need to recover all those files from my backup hard drive. Please send an email to so I can send you the FSC files. Thanks!
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  • aleatorylamp's Avatar
    Today, 09:25
    Hello Ivan, I wasn't around fs until 2004, so I got the info just looking into the afx's that were about 6 or 7 years old at that time. The FS98 model I have doesn´t have the split flaps, but of course, it´s not from the AFX you have. Your amplification of the Airacobra model size sounds quite fascinating and judging by the previous drawings compared, would seem very close! Hope you get it where you want. I suppose the criteria to use for a re-build of an existing AFX can be misleading. It often happens that the more you progress, the more crops up that could use re-working, and at the end, it would have been simpler to start from scratch! I've just done the Shturmovik's spinner, just to get me going... This plane, as well as the Pe-2 twin, have slightly different lines form...
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  • vortex's Avatar
    Today, 08:58
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  • Captain Kurt's Avatar
    Today, 08:53
    Thanks Robert and Dave !! :running: Off to get a copy now
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