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  • Sundog's Avatar
    Today, 01:08
    That image is very accurate as to what the Kingfish looked like. There's very good pictures available of the L.O. pole model that were quite detailed. If you like highspeed, You might like these McDonnell Douglas Mach 3+ and Mach 4+ interceptors. The one on the left is the Mach 4+ design and the one on the right is the Mach 3+ design.
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  • PhantomP's Avatar
    Today, 00:59
    Hi,I have few SSW planes,I bought them a few years ago,and one of them the Tornado,I havenít installed yet.Will the new keyless installers work with the old models from their old website,or do they need the newer versions from simmarket? and,I went to their website and the link to the keyless installers are down.Thanks
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  • Motormouse's Avatar
    Today, 00:56
    Personally, a good IL-2 has been missing for far too long. Ttfn Pete
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  • bazzar's Avatar
    Today, 00:56
    hmmm, distance might have something there. Didn't Airfix try virtual modeling a while back? I seem to remember something about that. In 3D modeling you have the advantage of Ctrl/Z if you make a mistake no glue mess to clear up.:engel016:
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  • Motormouse's Avatar
    Today, 00:08
    They did do payware, under the Custom Classics banner, then these were released as freeware when they retired from the business. They started out in fs98, then progressed thru fs2000,2002 and finally 2004. Craig Richardson reworked their Luscombe 8A for FSX, you can find that at Avsim, (along with the forementioned Travel Air biplane) Ttfn Pete
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  • Manschy's Avatar
    Today, 00:00
    Brilliant pics - I can show some of them to my wife and she will trust me they are real fotos! :applause:
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  • Roxane-21's Avatar
    Today, 00:00
    They look great, thank you!!! :applause:
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  • warchild's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:48
    Welll, However fast it could travel, the SR-71 with its ability to outrun missiles was nothing to sneeze at, bat as far as a front line fighter goes, it was lacking ( being originally designed as a possible bomber/missile platform ( The YF-12A if I remember correctly. 60 years is a long time, even for something as impressive as that ) ). The Kingfish on the other hand ws smaller, nimbler and leaning more towards a front line interceptor like the F-4 became. The odd thing is, it remained classified for over fifty years and aspects off it may be classified to this day. I dont think we evenh know what it really looked like as all these images are artists interpretations, but those interpretations really dont look a whol lot different than whats shown in this thread above.
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  • keithb77's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:20
    My son has the 1-24 Airfix Spit which he wants us to make together...but we live 200 miles apart... :running: Meanwhile I make do ... Cheers Keith
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  • alain0568's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:12
    Hi Gavin, -Yes that's fine! Thank you! Alain
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  • TARPSBird's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:04
    Gavin, thanks for the links to CalClassics and FSDeveloper. Apparently the prop blur disk is a part of the aircraft... I changed out the texture to one that I knew worked well and nothing changed. I will run the .mdl file through MCX on some day when I have a higher tolerance for frustration and disappointment - maybe I'll get lucky! :biggrin-new:
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  • bazzar's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:47
    I've got about 750 boxed kits in the cupboard. Mostly collector kits in mint boxes but some are builders. Most of the classic Matchbox 1:32 series are there including the Tiger Moth, BF109, Stuka and Dauntless and the Seafire of course.. Great kits, beautifully made. Never understood why they never made it to collector grade prices. Still, no guilt over building them I suppose. My favourite is a Russian 1:72 Spitfire Mk1 which, judging by the fuselage and wing shapes was probably manufactured somewhere near Chernobyl. The box is bullet-proof cardboard and the art was probably done by the same guy that did those Lenin posters. The Airfix 1:24 Spit, Hurricane and P51 are all on the "to do" list for when I get old... but wait....I am old....
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:39
    Thx for info, it could be a little cheaper I think.... btw. what I see - Marketplase is only way to buy Carenado addons for MSFS. No this corner on Carenado website .
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:47
    That # represents your Windows Version. Hit the Start button and type About, and you'll get the About Your PC app. If you ever need to file a bug report with Zendesk, you'll need that, and the OS build. The 2004 represents the last two digits of the year and then the month, so 2004 is April '20, while 1909 is September of last year. Unlike other updates that you can no longer control like you could in Win 7, these are major (and I mean MAJOR) updates, and are started manually in the Updates section. If you're on wireless, it had better be stout. I hooked my laptop up to my access point via Ethernet to get maximum bandwidth when I did mine. If you start it during the day, you'll want a pot of coffee handy - or in my instance, a case of Mountain Dew.
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:06
    The Carenado Mooney is in the Marketplace. It's the same price as their 182, so I think I'll be passing on it for now. The Kitfox looks nice, but I think I'll wait until they've done some updates.
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  • gecko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:30
    Wowed once again Steve - really cool! Also, I'm extremely glad navigation equipment has progressed so much since then. If I had to navigate by listening to that tone for hours on end I'd be ready to kamikaze that factory before I got there.
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  • gius's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:00
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Aircraft - German Description: Hello, This is a re-elaboration of the original excellent 1% Me109g10DC. I've added new hi-def textures, a new 360 degrees 2d cockpit, and I've inserted a new airfile for better historical likeliness and better handling. (It's not true the G10 flies like a fling brick...). Then I've added the excellent Db605 sound pack made by Lawdog and a prop disk made by Kelticheart, many thanks to them... the panel is a repaint of a beautiful work made by Captain Kurt, thanks also to him.
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  • Sundog's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:45
    Nice pics. I think those powerlines are the first I've seen in the sim! Oddly enough, I haven't flown the DA40 yet. When I go Diamond I invariably end up in the Twinstar.
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  • Sundog's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:43
    I've always liked flying around South America in FS. Once Orbx had their SA LC release, I did it again. I'm always amazed at the vastness of the Andes. I would also have to say my favorite areas to fly are in Patagonia, especially on Chile's side, the lush area of Chile. I also make the run to Ushuaia while down there and also make a trip or two to Antarctica, since it's so close.
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  • Panther_99FS's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:37
    Another interesting video!
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