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  • klnowak's Avatar
    Today, 11:27
    Your mistake is very easy..... you must delete the empty space in the texture folder. texture=Bruggen_ XX43. Between Bruggen_ and xx43 you got a empty space. delet it.... everything will work fine. Your one is : texture=Bruggen_ XX43 must be : texture=Bruggen_XX43 greetings Klaus
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  • expat's Avatar
    Today, 11:25
    Spaces after the "_ "??
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  • 511Flyer's Avatar
    Today, 11:20
    I'm being asked to login to my Paypal account, then I get a message to say that my contribution is being checked, but I haven't made one. I've tried three times during the past week with the same result. I'm really trying to help, but can't find a way around Paypal. :banghead:
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  • Javis's Avatar
    Today, 11:14
    Chief, define " but it doesn't work for me "... Do you hit F12, open your fav paintprog, click "paste as new picture" (or something similar) and nothing will turn up ?.... Do you get this little thumbnail of your new screenie turning up for a second in the right-bottom corner of your screen after you clicked F12 ?.. I have been using PSP for umpteen years and it never failed to show the new screenie i just made by clicking F12 (or 'Print Screen'). I guess it must be no problem to assign the F12 key (or 'Print Screen') to your controller.
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  • aleatorylamp's Avatar
    Today, 11:08
    Hi Ivan, Sorry for not commenting anything about the Tigercat and the Havocs - the issues are not really so important for me, I´m afraid. Thanks anyway... Regarding SCASM, I´ve managed to get everything tied up in the correct order from the virtual cockpit point of view and am slowly coming to grips with adding items with SCASM as well. In this case it is all the MG´s except for the side-fuselage ones behind the wing. I´d managed to include the MG´s as Collection-tagged, textured components, but
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  • Bjoern's Avatar
    Today, 11:02
    Thanks for the heads-up, Michael! The few copies of the book that are available are a bit expensive though.
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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Today, 11:01
    title=JYAI Aerospatial Gazelle AH1 Bruggen XX371 sim=JYAI_Gazelle_AI_ONLY model=AH1 prop_anim_ratio=2.10 texture=Bruggen_ XX371 atc_airline= atc_parking_types=MIL_COMBAT atc_parking_codes= ui_manufacturer=Aerospatial ui_createdby=JYAI
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  • Bushpounder's Avatar
    Today, 10:56
    Totally agree. Aircraft fly like crap. Only way to put it. FSX aircraft flew better, smoother, and on some occasions, they flew just like the real thing. As someone mentioned, this is geared towards the XBox folks. That leaves us wanting and wanting. Any aircraft created now will be built using the engine they have NOW, so they too may not be a whole lot better. I have not bought any yet. Just speculation there! They need to get target one thing and work on it. I would rather have the planes fixed, or scenery fixed, etc., instead of a small portion of 10 things adjusted a tiny bit. I'm not sinking any money in this sim until I start seeing things fixed that mattered. I blame a lot of what we are seeing on improper testing and not enough of it. I've been doing this for 20+ years and knew...
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  • Javis's Avatar
    Today, 10:53
    Javis replied to a thread Corsair inbound! in MSFS (FS2020)
    Wow!! Looks like it finally started, one amazing looking native MSFS warbird after the other rolling off the assembly line. Wow!! :applause::encouragement::applause: Still... we have yet to see the first one to arrive at our hangar... I guess the race is on.. With Pappy Boyington, here's to that! :ernaehrung004:
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  • MrZippy's Avatar
    Today, 10:52
    Does it say what problem it has with your card? Are you entering just numbers with no spaces or symbols?
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  • Manschy's Avatar
    Today, 10:49
    Hi Pete, show us your aircraft.cfg here, please. So we can quickly find any mistakes inside. If your cfg is fine, we can try to solve other possible issues :wavey:
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  • expat's Avatar
    Today, 10:48
    Never mind - all working. LOL! Been doing AI traffic for years and it took me most of today to figure out my "user errors" - I had dialed back the main traffic slider recently when changing my graphics slider settings without realising it. Killer scenery. Fantastic atmosphere and immersive details like the GSE and 3d people. Horrendus real world weather - thanks Active Sky, LOL. Thanks so much!
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  • lefty's Avatar
    Today, 10:39
    Thank you - here is something different - not just a luggage rack on the roof, but room for a couple of the kids too !
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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Today, 10:38
    2021-3-1_11-54-29-831 by retnavycpo, on Flickr 2021-2-27_17-23-26-569 by retnavycpo, on Flickr 2021-2-27_12-22-59-616 by retnavycpo, on Flickr
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  • jmig's Avatar
    Today, 10:36
    jmig replied to a thread MSFS Flight model in MSFS (FS2020)
    Thank you! And here I thought it was me in my old age. :)
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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Today, 10:26
    I am doing something wrong, obviously, because I still cannot get the Gazelle textures to show up. I followed Klaus's directions, but no joy. NC:dizzy:
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  • tiger1962's Avatar
    Today, 10:20
    tiger1962 replied to a thread MSFS Flight model in MSFS (FS2020)
    I've watched those rudder oscillation movements myself, from spot view at about the 10 o'clock position, and it seems to me that all they've done is make the plane pivot around the nose cone/prop spinner instead of the CG position.
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 10:19
    Once you get to the point where you can see the "packages" folder, right-click that and choose Pin to Quick Access. That will give you access to it any time you want - no drilling required.
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 10:14
    One last bump as the glue comes off...
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 10:13
    They also broke the flap lift factor by doubling it. They published a workaround whereby users were to edit the flap lift in the flight_model files for each plane. But that only solves the issue for 2/3 of the planes for most users. There was no plan for a hot-fix, but after the outcry, they're supposed to be putting one out soon-ish.
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