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  • FlyingsCool's Avatar
    Today, 18:10
    t'aint no sign of bein' a dummy... just a learner :)
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  • warchild's Avatar
    Today, 18:03
    I must disagree.. Sorry.. Currntly MSFS is wrapping KSJC in a thick blanket of fog. Now Its TRUE that fog enters the SF Bay every day at 4PM but it NEVER comes to San Jose. I liked there darned near forty years and it has never once been foggy in the afternoon at the airport.. I'll give MSFS kudo's for an amazing attempt, but wrong is wrong, and this is wrong..
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  • warchild's Avatar
    Today, 17:23
    warchild replied to a thread Screenshots in Flight Simulator 2020
    I'll second that emotion..
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  • odourboy's Avatar
    Today, 17:22
    I realize that you're dead in the water at the moment, but when you get running on, would you mind looking at this parameter again. I think they might have fixed it, but I'm not sure if I have the correct config. parameter identified. Thanks!
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  • warchild's Avatar
    Today, 17:21
    warchild replied to a thread Screenshots in Flight Simulator 2020
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Today, 17:05
    To the WestFront team, Many thanks for all of your work on this, I look forward to installing this when I have time! :santahat:
    2 replies | 48 view(s)
  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Today, 17:00
    Navy Chief replied to a thread Fire nearby! in Ickie's NewsHawks
    So glad all is ok, Pat! Pete
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  • MZee1960's Avatar
    Today, 16:47
    There have been some unconfirmed reports that Sean of RealAir has expressed some interest in MSFS. His new company, Vertx perhaps will make an appearance with an offering for MSFS 2020 someday ? Yes, the engine sounds duplicated those in real life. Just the loud 'thud' of the landing gear locking prior to landing the Duke .... well, music to my ears ! Here's some of RealAir's RealFeel (visual and sound) effects alone, for startup, takeoff, gear down, and landing (at 7:00, 17:00, 37:00 and 40:00 respectively)
    9 replies | 326 view(s)
  • Sundog's Avatar
    Today, 16:10
    I built my PC, so I had to install it. It is free though, so if it isn't installed per Tom's comment above go to the nVidia site and get it.
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  • Javis's Avatar
    Today, 16:04
    That's right, never got the Duke, not my cup of thee. :smile: (i wonder what Rob and Sean think about MSFS..) I just loved the door closing sound in A2A's J3. But did the engine sound get louder when opening it ? Honestly can't remember Atleast there's something... It'll come sooner or later, i'm sure.
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  • MZee1960's Avatar
    Today, 15:58
    I totally agree. The MSFS team spent a lot of time developing all aspects of this sim and there is reason behind everything the sim currently does and does not do. Development is ongoing, and good things will come to those who choose to wait. Life is short, keep things simple and let the MS team continue to do their job.
    14 replies | 309 view(s)
  • Josh Patterson's Avatar
    Today, 15:48
    quite nice!
    12 replies | 2722 view(s)
  • gray eagle's Avatar
    Today, 15:48
    Thanks Ted :engel016:
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  • MZee1960's Avatar
    Today, 15:35
    Someone obviously never flew the RealAir birds, like the Duke, with the included sound package turned 'on' and mated to A2A's AccuFeel addon for good measure ..... in good ol' FSX. I have yet to hear a good touchdown tire squeal in MSFS, ...... just hear a rather dull sounding 'bump' at best. Sounds aside, MSFS sure makes all aircraft look like real life beauties.
    9 replies | 326 view(s)
  • Javis's Avatar
    Today, 15:10
    If something new looked particularly realistic in FS/FSX/P3D humorous comments turned up, like "please show the sim version, not the real thing" or something like that. Already for years, you know. With this piccie of the Mooney, for the first time, i *really* thought this was a real world photo. Not only by the magnificent looking airplane but by the environment below just the same. Real world photo, no doubt. Until i bought the Mooney package myself... :cool: Isn't this the very first commercial *complete* new aircraft add-on package for MSFS ?... I mean, that's too why i bought it.. And because it has a steam gauge cockpit which i too find magnificent! And you know what, if you open the cabin door and/or the bagage door the engine sound gets louder ! That's a first too, right ?...
    9 replies | 326 view(s)
  • MZee1960's Avatar
    Today, 15:06
    Great model, once again, @Spad54 ! Also, still love flying the Stearman :
    7 replies | 477 view(s)
  • Typhoon Willy's Avatar
    Today, 13:59
    Looks awesome! Maybe I'll have to get to work on a WWI install. TW
    2 replies | 48 view(s)
  • Sopwith Chameleon's Avatar
    Today, 13:56
    Thanks ! What is this ?
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  • Cazzie's Avatar
    Today, 13:46
    I found it, never thought to look under AppData/User/Local folder on my SSD drive I just installed for MSFS dedicated. It's still a round about road getting to the aircraft textures.
    2 replies | 68 view(s)
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