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  • Txmmy83's Avatar
    Today, 08:39
    which rex sky force cloud set is that? or do you use a self created theme preset? guess you have set 4096px resolution for screenshot sessions right?
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  • crossram's Avatar
    Today, 08:02
    Your quite welcome! On the Festung Lorient thing (groan), problem is I made the file via the mission builder. Coords locate everything, instead of meters locations from the facility center. IF I can get a good screenshot, over the entire area, in spot view, I can put that into the gmax file. Rescale it to Keroman, and then I think I can accurately locate the flak units, radar, and so on. Be a bunch of dang work! What the heck. Any not making it out alive??
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  • fabulousfour's Avatar
    Today, 07:57
    I'm not quite sure whether you are playing with words, Uli, but this is not a de Havilland. :very_drunk:
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Today, 07:34
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  • Led Zeppelin's Avatar
    Today, 07:18
    Thanks!! :applause:
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  • Mick's Avatar
    Today, 07:01
    There's no need for an external host. First, upload the picture and add it to your post, like this example. Then go to Preview Post. You'll see two copies of the picture. Delete one of them, then post your message. That leaves you with just one image in your post.
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  • zsoltquack's Avatar
    Today, 06:58
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  • jackryan172's Avatar
    Today, 06:47
    Anybody know where I can find the Frontenac / Quebec city sceneries by André Côté and Michel Baron? trying to build a reasonable simulation of Quebec Sean
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  • giruXX's Avatar
    Today, 06:42
    Well, I think I see more than 50% Moth parts but is that sufficient to call it a de Havilland?
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  • Aharon's Avatar
    Today, 06:27
    Zsoltquack, What do you use for clouds, please?? Great F-15 shots!! Regards, Aharon
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  • warchild's Avatar
    Today, 06:20
    Ahhh. Mia Culpa Don.. I misunderstood.. I cant say I love Portland. After all, I live a hundred miles from there, and its never seemed the warmest place in the world too me ( Really, Manhattan seemed warmer ).. However, I'm almost a happy camper now.. I uninstalled Vector for P3DV5 and unistalled Sode, and And there was momma Hoody standing tall and proud.. :) :) Regarding Portland itself, I think OrbX did themselves proud. Oh Yeah sure,it could always look better around the edges, but the main city looks great, and even the various mud flats look appropriate ( not that I'm into mud flats ) The airport is a nice Lego construction,and suffices for what it is, but personally, It doesnt make me think of moving my main base there. I was hoping, but yeah, that'll remain KSJC/KSFO for now,...
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  • expat's Avatar
    Today, 06:14
    Anyone hear from Klaus recently?
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  • Captain Kurt's Avatar
    Today, 06:06
    That's pretty much the best way to do it so you can use the Mission Builder directly. If you are familiar with and want to hand edit the mission file, there are other ways to work with it. It can be a bit complex. Here is Cody Coyote's primer: What’s in a Name You may notice that the names for the aircraft shown in the mis file are different than the names shown on the dropdown menu within Mission Builder. There are some differences in the naming conventions used within Mission Builder, Free Flight, and the mis file. Based on my experience, here are some general rules: The aircraft names displayed in the Mission Builder (MB) drop-down menu come from the title line in the plane's aircraft.cfg file. If you have two planes with the same title, that name will appear twice in MB....
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  • Ivan's Avatar
    Today, 05:21
    Here is another old project that fits pretty well into the Diversion category. This FW 190D-9 AFX was done by Alex Simon and seems to be the basis for numerous FW 190D and Ta 152 projects out in the CFS menagerie. This is not the first time I have looked at making corrections to this project. While the basic appearance of the finished aircraft especially those with textures by Hugh Shoults actually looks pretty good, there are plenty of hidden boogers that are very hard to correct. From what I can tell, folks working with this project haven't generally tried to make any great corrections to it other than to move the Supercharger Intake from the Port to the Starboard side more typical of a JuMo engine. As far as I am concerned, this project is pure experimentation and will never...
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  • thefrog's Avatar
    Today, 04:02
    I can confirm that you can land on them all but you do have to find them yourself (not too difficult because even I managed to do it using Google maps to help I think!) You can save a flight at each of them once you've found them I suppose.
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  • crossram's Avatar
    Today, 03:56
    While at it, wonder if anyone has ideas they can toss my way. Also have a facility file, I made, named Festung Lorient, that places 15, or so, flak units around Keroman. Info says Festung Lorient had 75 flak units, around the area. Just those 15, some four gun stations, are killer enough! Anyway, question would be, is it possible to add that into Global_layer. I don't have the central coords for the facility, to make the entry. Some of those flak placements, are on 'fingers of land', so the file would have to be accurate. Any ideas, what I should look at?
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Today, 03:47
    486_Col_Wolf, I can't recall at this point whether it was Talon, Bearcat241, Cody Coyote, Captain Kurt, or someone else, but it was always impressed upon me when working in MB to have each skin as a separate aircraft entity to avoid this type of problem, so as a result, I wasn't able to reproduce it. But I'm following this thread closely to see if there is a new way forward. Carry on! :encouragement:
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  • Ivan's Avatar
    Today, 03:43
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 1 Aircraft Add-Ons Description: The Messerschmitt 109E was the principal German fighter in the early part of the war. This project was created to provide a canvas for a Battle of Britain era paint scheme. The aircraft is intended to resemble the Monogram 1:48 scale Me 109E that was first issued in the 1960's. The markings are for the GruppenKommandeur's aircraft of IV/JG26 but with no additional field applied camouflage or the yellow nose markings that were often applied during the Battle of France and Battle of Britain.
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  • crossram's Avatar
    Today, 03:43
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 3 Other Add-Ons - Betas Description: These files, once installed correctly, will replace the stock CFS3 port/u-boat base at Lorient. The Keroman complex, was the u-boat submarine base, located at Lorient, and in these files, will give a better, more accurate version of that complex. I will add 'updates' to the files, time allowing. Ted Miller (aka crossram) To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.
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  • Daube's Avatar
    Today, 03:42
    I clearly remember being able to land on these helipads, at least the hospital one located near the airport in the city center. There are even 3D characters in there, if I'm not mistaken. I don't remember if these helipads appeared in the airport selection menu though...
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