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  • Penzoil3's Avatar
    Today, 20:50
    I got the flickers too. Can't install either the C-195 or the DA 42. sue
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  • gman5250's Avatar
    Today, 20:32
    Etherum flash crash yesterday. Margin calls and stop losses would have been brutal. Happened so fast, most people probably didn't know they had tanked until they were DOA. Ouch. Doesn't pass the smell test at all. :pop4:
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  • TuFun's Avatar
    Today, 20:03
    Thank "G"... good stuff! Another Cryptocurrence ETH...
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  • gman5250's Avatar
    Today, 19:40
    I used IDM for the download. It borked the first try, but I got it on the second. The install: Downloaded the update via download link on the site/my account. Ran the exe as administrator Entered email and serial Selected P3D option Selected P3Dv4 in the new menu. Confirmed Sim location, on my system it is a dedicated SSD.
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  • Moses03's Avatar
    Today, 19:27
    Rob put us down in the mouth of the Amazon, right on the equator. Note the Lat location in the photo. (There is even a water tile line to confirm).
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  • mcanx's Avatar
    Today, 19:17
    Not all. I was mainly interested in the Antonov AN-70 and Arado AR 240B. I have an AI AN-70 that I converted so it would fly. I also have the Van Hein AR-240. His AN-70 is the only one I've seen on the net that is a complete model. Robert
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  • b52bob's Avatar
    Today, 19:11
    b52bob replied to a thread P3D v4 Screenshots in Prepar3D
    Works great in V4
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  • Javis's Avatar
    Today, 19:01
    Was a bit of a puzzle for me too. I get this flickering white box in the installer window indicating trouble... When i clicked inside it 'G:\P3Dv3' appeared inside the browse box. Don't want that so i changed it into 'G:\P3Dv4' manually. Stubborn as it seems to be it installed the C-195 in G:\P3Dv3 anyway. Uninstalled that and tried again. Now i clicked right next to the flickering white box. Bingo! Now 'G:\P3Dv4' appeared in the browse box and it went installing the C-195 in my v4 installation fine indeed. Everthing's Ok now. They need to do something about that installer window. That's all. Btw, same went with the Saratoga for P3Dv4 that i also bought for the first time.
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  • stearmandriver's Avatar
    Today, 18:56
    Nice pic, thanks for sharing! That definitely looks more typical for SAK; what actually made me think to document this flight was when I loaded up at Seward with ASN live, and went "whoa, the sun is out! Kinda..."
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Today, 18:40
    I can't find any AvH aircraft called AvH_GR_JU88C-4_R4FM in all my installs.:dizzy: I do have AvH_JU88C-4_R4FM_t under textures in the ETO_JU88C-4 folder??
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  • Shadow Wolf 07's Avatar
    Today, 18:34
    Oh man! You are asking me to be technical in the middle of the night? :banghead: LOL! The entries percent_true=67 means that 67% of the time option/node or mission X will be played, while option Y will be spun up as the mission 33% of the time. Thus, percent_true=50 means that half the time X will be played and half the time Y will be played. I most often had the player fly as a wingman only 33% of the time when a bomber mission is randomly selected. As for "empties" I think they have to be there unless the sequence of all following node numbers are changed if a mission is added. Here, Cody can give you a definite answer. When I created the .cmg, I followed Cody'd guide and the layout of the stock campaign .cmgs. I am anything but an expert on that. Let's see if he...
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  • modelr's Avatar
    Today, 17:55
    My direct link in the email didn't work either. Had to use FreeDownloadManager, which worked right away on 1st try. Just can't get it to install in v4.
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  • docjohnson's Avatar
    Today, 17:45
    I guess I will keep updating this post instead of doing it piecemeal. Currently here's my V4 Aircraft Testing. These are the aircraft that will not work without gauge recompile and/or model update to V3/4 standards. - ALPHA -- F-84F OK -- A-6 OK -- B-36 OK -- B-47 OK -- B-52 Crashes the sim. No Error message -- CF-101B OK -- F-101B
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  • jeansy's Avatar
    Today, 17:42
    1, whats the secret? its not my place to say its up to Kat, Colin or the modeller to make comment, unless they have made an official statement already which Ive missed 2, All MV paintkits are detailed even down to nuts on the end of bolts, yeah its difficult but that the way the they like it and do it, this ensures the best possible outcome for the finished paint, yeah it upsets people, but the end results show the detailed, unlike other devs who do simple mapping that cause horrible texture warping or detail, yes the new kit is much the same format as the current one, but to be honest the beaver is one of the more friendlier kits in the product range, How coming if Gunnar is painting schemes and Im holding out? well he's a guru with MV paintkits as hes the primary painter at MV...
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  • modelr's Avatar
    Today, 17:38
    I finally got it downloaded, with FreeDownloadManager, but it won't install to P3Dv4. Not even available in choices. It did install to V3, altho I had installer pointed to v4. But I already had it installed in V3. There are some new items in the gauges folder in v3, but not sure what needed in v4.
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  • Milton Shupe's Avatar
    Today, 17:37
    Thank you Willy; that is really nice of you to do this. :applause:
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  • Daveroo's Avatar
    Today, 17:30
    rty using the email option,send link in email i think it says...thats what ive been doing for awhile now when i have to redownload something from carenado or alebeo,just have to take the serieal number from the web page though,the ones in the link never work...
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  • Daveroo's Avatar
    Today, 17:27
    now that i have it,may i ask (beg) for a paint?...just over all yellow,with red lettering,with black shadowing on the red letter.i have a company name and a fake N number id like too....if any of its possible...please?
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  • Willy's Avatar
    Today, 17:06
    The new paint kit I've been working on is getting there. First in sim shot of all the pieces together. Still some issues, but it's getting there. When done, it'll be for both wheeled and float versions in passenger and cargo flavors. Next up is polishing the metal now that I know it works with "scruffy". (And of course I redid the old Merc Air cargo paint "for testing purposes")
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  • Daiwilletti's Avatar
    Today, 16:45
    This problem used to be blamed on a mismatch between mos file and requisite texture file? Hence the trees do not align to the image. Clive knows a lot about this, if he is cruising the forum. These are the files that are placed in the Assets folder, to take priority over the stock stuff in the Terrains folders.
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