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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 17:30
    Success, sort of! I was able to get the nose wheel to animate, however it turns too far left and right (90deg). so more work to be done to correct that if possible.
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  • Beaufighter's Avatar
    Today, 17:25
    Hi Gents, thank you both Regards
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  • Sopwith Chameleon's Avatar
    Today, 16:45
    The extremely tubby DFW T-28
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  • Txmmy83's Avatar
    Today, 16:40
    I may have to update my livery to that mod when it is released :)
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  • srgalahad's Avatar
    Today, 16:26
    Sr Frati makes beautiful airpanes so they are memorable. This one, not so much...not even sure it's a face a mother could love -
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 15:52
    You are correct that it doesn't happen to everyone, but it is a distinct possibility. I supposed I should have stated that more clearly. I do know that every time there's a sim update (not a world update), the number of "I only have two planes in my hangar" threads that get locked is hilarious, so it does happen often enough to warrant a mention.
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  • Dangerous Beans's Avatar
    Today, 15:43
    My god it works. There's a couple of missing steps in the instruction though but I manager to figure it out. 6. Change the ui_variation = line and add VR to the end 7. restart the Legacy Imported and choose "Select MSFS aircraft legacy or native", Browse to the imported plane and "rescan aircraft files". When you select the plane in MSFS make sure to choose the livery with VR in the name. I've tried two planes so far. First I tried the GAS Travel Air Magic One but that didn't work, both the external and internal views were invisible.
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Today, 15:36
    Some shots from a round-about flight from Biggin Hill to Headcorn.
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  • heywooood's Avatar
    Today, 15:29
    Please note: if you want to fly after dark in Carenado PA-28 you'll have to spawn on the runway. If you start on the ramp cold n dark the two rotary panel light knobs will NOT function and you will not have panel or instrument lighting Starting on the runway ready for flight allows the Panel lights and their respective rotary knobs to work properly. I have opened a ticket at Carenado - if you test this and find the same is true please report it to Carenado
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  • ak416's Avatar
    Today, 15:28
    So long as you are not trying to use the game on the same account on both computers at the same time, I am 100% certain you can download and install Flight Simulator (or anyone game on the Microsoft Store, as well as Xbox) to multiple devices. If you try to launch the game on a second device while you are logged in on another device, it will ask you if you want to sign out on one of the devices. The game is bound to your Microsoft account, not the device you are using. This has been the case since Windows 10 launched. Flight Simulator forum moderator confirming it: More discussion:
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Today, 15:24
    It flies about as I would expect it should. Very responsive in pitch, but a bit sluggish/heavy in roll (as the real examples are also described). +1 elevator trim prior to takeoff. The interior and exterior Merlin engine sounds are exceptional!
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  • Dangerous Beans's Avatar
    Today, 15:22
    Tom, I've seen you state that before but its not necessarily true for everyone. I bought my copy through the MS store too and installed it to a custom location and have never had to redownload anything after an update. I have no idea why you have that happen and I don't, it may be a system specific thing.
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 15:09
    Purchased mine via the MS Store since I don't have a Steam account. Installed in the default location, and I'm glad I did that too. Turns out that some updates don't reload your entire hangar if you install to a custom location. It's not that big a deal to go back to the Content Manager to get them, but it's nice to save that step.
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 15:00
    You can probably get a concrete answer over at the official forum. I have read that if two people share a 'puter with different accounts, then both need to buy a license or one needs to be logged in as the other. I don't think I've read anything about one person using the same license on multiple rigs.
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  • BendyFlyer's Avatar
    Today, 14:53
    BendyFlyer replied to a thread KBT update to L-188? in Prepar3D
    I cannot see why it should not work in V4.5. The changes are all done in V5.1 but it is all 64 bit gauges etc and at this time no PBR changes to the textures - the older DDS5 textures work fine as you can see above. We have had a number of issues with the fx.effects side of the model but then again so does everybody else. Mostly resolved. Still smoothing out some integrated avionics-AP issues and the handling (trim and CoG). A number of new xml gauges had to be developed to make this happen but it is also all mouse driven or clickable with sounds etc. There are a couple of popups - they just support what is already on the panel and to make changes on those systems a little easier to handle - eg the Autopilot.
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  • Daiwilletti's Avatar
    Today, 14:26
    Hi Tom, if you are "time poor" another quick stand alone install is CFS3 modified stock upgrade V2. Should be a link in the stickies. I put it together as a "stop gap" for busy people, before they move on to PTO and ETO etc.
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  • Deano's Avatar
    Today, 14:12
    If it was purchased from vstudios store within the last 5 years, it should have the patches all ready in place. I think the final build was 1.2
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  • Phantom88's Avatar
    Today, 14:11
    274 Hello Everyone! Time does not stand still, just as work on the Battle for Normandy project does not stand still. Work is underway on various technologies as well as development of ground equipment, maps, aircraft and ships. As you know, the Battle of Normandy is an event most closely associated with the navy. And in order to reproduce some of these events, new types of ships and watercrafts will be introduced into the project. Along those lines, today we will show you a screenshot of development progress of the landing craft LCI (L) (Landing Craft Infantry, Large). This is a specialized vessel designed to land infantry units directly ashore, for which it is equipped with two gangways, on both sides of the bow. And because Battle for Normandy is a project about combat...
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  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Today, 13:53
    He-219 starting it's patrol...
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