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  • gman5250's Avatar
    Today, 10:02
    Not going to say it was a screwed installation, but it has become screwed as a result of the various malicious bits that worm their way in. The only remedy that makes any sense is to do my work entirely isolated from the outside, and only transfer work out via thumb drive or disk. Not sure what you mean about reading stuff on the internet. A cursory reading of the low hanging fruit might lead one to arrive at any number of conclusions, but I don't do low hanging fruit. I do deep forensic analysis, observe data and apply logic. The evidence develops on it's own.
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  • zswobbie1's Avatar
    Today, 09:53
    I think it's because you have Adobe PDF reader installed, and the file extension of the Air file is set to that. Check your file extentions settings in Windows and delete that entry, or in install Adobe as a test.
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  • Baragouin's Avatar
    Today, 09:26
    Gentlemen Thisis the Nikitin NV-1 of 1933 engine M-11 (only one built) Cheers Carlo (BG) ...and this repays me for stupidly ignoring the early FIAT!....
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  • aardvark62's Avatar
    Today, 09:24
    Only after posting yesterday's screenshot (!) I realised the RHAF Camel paint I'd installed didn't come with any wing textures, so it was displaying RAF roundels. So here she is again... Better. A.
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  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Today, 09:21
    Yes, they're in there, but these descriptive headers were removed as part of the alphabetic sorting process as they no longer were connected to anything meaningful. Something similar happened to the connections between FX entries and the individual Particle Effect lines that they use. At first I was bothered that this might hurt maintainability because you have to hunt down where the components pieces of an effect reside in the list versus them already all being in once section. Then I realized that since everything is alphabetical you can find them quicker than before because you don't have to guess where they might be in the list. For some entries it's the same difference, but for others that reuse existing effect components from other effects, or ones that inadvertently reused...
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  • Bjoern's Avatar
    Today, 09:09
    Bjoern replied to a thread X-Plane Screenshots in X-Plane
    Got seasons to work, whoop, whoop!
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  • Bjoern's Avatar
    Today, 09:07
    The outrage is not that there is a psychopatic AI, the outrage is that it was turned that way by reading stuff on the internet. And seriously, yet another screwed Windows installation...?
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Today, 08:33
    OK, I am checking what may seem to be missing, or actually, unless somehow re named. This may end up as several post!:wiggle: 1.<START_GECKO_SPITFIRE_VIII_EFFECTS_JUNE_26_2016/> <SPITFIRE_VIII_ENGINE_EFFECTS/> and <START_GECKO_FW_190A_EFFECTS_SEPTEMBER_1_2017/>
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  • Ivan's Avatar
    Today, 07:40
    Hello Aleatorylamp, Even 10 years old would be pretty good. If you think about it, what I just put together out of old computers is essentially a very fast Pentium I or a very slow Pentium II. You certainly newer and more spares than I do. I ran into yet another twist last night. I was noticing that the supercharger on the old P-39D AIR file was not working. This is easy to see because power is highest at Sea Level on the Take-Off fun and starts to drop even 1000 feet up. At 8000 to 10000 feet, power has dropped to less than half the Sea Level value. This is not a Gauge problem. It is obvious that speed cannot be maintained.
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  • COBS's Avatar
    Today, 07:31
    Arado 234 , World first jet powered bomber was previously mentioned above . New download release available at Simviation and Flightsim . Package contains , - 2 engined version - 4 separated engines - 4 engines in two pods - nightfighter with anteler radar antenna Not only the first jet bomber , but it was also the first jet Recon aircraft , in both roles it entered service in WWII .
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  • Ivan's Avatar
    Today, 07:24
    Hello Aleatorylamp, Actually I doubt that AMD would name their new processor after one of the Gracchi. It probably just sounded great to somebody. Inspiron, Sempron, Athlon, Moron, etc. Last night I spent a couple hours going through my old P-39D AIR file and copying the changes to a new version from the stock P51D. It turns out that the one I had been modifying ALREADY WAS derived from the P51D. There was even still the Center1 Fuel Tank in place though it was set for Zero Gallons of fuel. The Supercharger doesn't work on the new AIR file either nor does it work on OTHER AIR files..... - Ivan.
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  • Matt Wynn's Avatar
    Today, 06:45
    oh the thing for 337 is patch design as usual... though i do have a Viper scheme which features on the wall there :D as we know can't do anything without Chief of Staff approval haha! if they say flashy well... we just have to be good boys (and girls) and do as we are told (within reason) haha!
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Today, 06:22
    Michael, Where it is most helpful is the effort of the Armée de l'Air.
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Today, 06:20
    Worthless, Taken care of, thanks again. :encouragement:
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Today, 06:14
    Dvslats, Very nice job on this, thank you very much. I agree with Ravenna, the paint job is outstanding! :very_drunk:
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  • IanHenry's Avatar
    Today, 06:09
    Many thanks Henk, very much appreciated. Regards, Ian
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  • Dimus's Avatar
    Today, 06:04
    My personal opinion: I would like to see a HAF design that is less flashy and somehow less "folk" if you know what I mean. A well applied sharkmouth like this one you did on the Tornado is classy, fun and powerful at the same time. Looking forward to seeing your design for 337.
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  • Cirrus N210MS's Avatar
    Today, 05:48
    the area i replaced was the disabled auto Pilot Stuff the engine gauges are below :wavey: You would need the gauge from flight 1 to use it Does anyone know how to contact Jan Visser? so we can get Permission to share the vc Model
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  • Moses03's Avatar
    Today, 05:34
    Thanks. It looked like the Elias EC-1 so I spent too much time looking for it over here. Argh. A crafty little number-
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  • Matt Wynn's Avatar
    Today, 05:31
    thanks Dimus! bit of a change from the tail and tank design I did last year for 338 squadron - Polemikh Aeroporia and one of their F-4E's ready for RIAT (Along with crew nameplates, Stickers & 2 unique patches)! the RAF made me get my proper brushes out for Tornado, not just a digital one! now... back to doing this design work for 337M :wiggle:
    12 replies | 363 view(s)
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