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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Today, 22:35
    What a surprise! btw. What about the DC-3? Is this year still relevant?
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  • Javis's Avatar
    Today, 22:23
    Hi Paul, Well, i must say that i honestly don't remember... But a bit of google turned up the contents of the box : That must deffinately be the engine halfs there at the bottom.. Sadly the model didn't survive the few moves we had to go thru. I loved it very much but it was far from the modeling skills i learned years later.
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  • kdfw's Avatar
    Today, 22:15
    just like the new figure more since it's what's used today and i'm flying today. the italians flew with hgu68 at the end as well. getting a choice is always better.
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  • Javis's Avatar
    Today, 22:05
    Haven't we, Paul ! Great to see you here ! :ernaehrung004: Cheers, Jan
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  • Javis's Avatar
    Today, 21:43
    Ok, i see what you mean, ones mileage may vary, De gustibus non est disputandum and all that. Sure. Personally, i value the aircraft we're virtually flying as THE most important. 'The world', although as astonishing looking as we've come to know and enjoy these days, comes second as far as i'm concerned. I could never ever be happy to virtually fly, say, a Lancaster or B-17 in MSFS while seeing the pilots inside the cockpit wearing todays' Gentex MACH system flight helmets ! Even the thought of it makes my hair fall out (and that's a pity because there's not much left anyway.. ) A P-51 pilot wearing a HGU-55 ?.... Hmmm, i think i could live with that but i'd vote for him to wear a complete WWII era flightgear outfit anytime ! It very much belongs to that type of aircraft and makes...
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  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 21:29
    Very nice!
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  • manfredc3's Avatar
    Today, 21:07
    Oh, looking forward to this one.
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  • kdfw's Avatar
    Today, 20:56
    i know what you're saying, but the airplane is flying in a virtual world circa ~2020, not 1960s world so if one is flying the f104 today, the gear would be the modern hgus. so to accommodate period correct simmers, the old pilots can be selected, for those who want to fly as today's pilot, new pilot should be selectable (which can be configured in mfs2020 via avatar selection option). all skw has to do is to set the attach points of either pilot models to be placed in the cockpit, eazy peazy!
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  • bazzar's Avatar
    Today, 20:55
    We've had an F3F-2 in the inventory since 2001. Now we are delighted to announce a totally new, completely remastered version for MSFS. Lots of new detail and inclusions, fully functional cockpit and a function al tailhook for carrier landings when they arrive. "GULFHAWK" the F3F-1 based racer/ display special built for Al Williams in the late '30s is also part of the package. There's also a full digital WWise soundpack for BIG Wright Cyclone music.
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  • tankerguy72's Avatar
    Today, 20:38
    Thanks Milton! Glad to see you're back on. Keeping my focus on this one for sure.
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  • Milton Shupe's Avatar
    Today, 20:13
    That looks great TG! Keep after it please. :-)
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  • Javis's Avatar
    Today, 20:07
    Certainly now that we have the v2.0 pilots for the SSW TF-104 there are atleast 2 reasons why you would maybe like to reconsider. #1. The F-18 pilot figure wears flightgear of the 2000 decennium while the F-104 was operational in the USAF from 1958 until 1967 (Cold War) and NATO's default fighter-bomber from 1961 until 1985 when it was replaced by the F-16. #2. Obviously SSW *could* have decided to put the wrong era default MSFS militairy pilot figure into their superb TF-104 but they didn't. Instead they chose to put an effort in it and design their own pilot figure conform the F-104's correct operational era. It would be kind of condecending to just throw that into the garbage bin, wouldn't it... The SSW helmets and O2 masks are clearly of the correct HGU-2A/P and MBU-12/P...
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  • paiken's Avatar
    Today, 18:43
    paiken started a thread PT-17 flyover in Ickie's NewsHawks
    During my deliveries this morning I heard the beautiful sound of radial engines. There was a flight of 4 seemingly waiting for me to take a video. I was happy to oblige and am very pleased to share with all of you.
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  • katonic's Avatar
    Today, 16:54
    Obviously, I can only speak for myself on this but I don't personally regret the purchase of the FSX Vega. While many of the promised features haven't materialized or are incomplete there were some that were introduced that I didn't expect and have enjoyed a lot. I still fly it and have fun with it. While it was pretty basic initially, the dev did put out a number of bug fixes and new features. The most recent release from a year and a half ago (v 0.85.03?) is quite good. I'd love to see the full, Accusim-ish like levels of system/wear modeling if it were to get there. And incomplete features can be annoying. But, as-is I have an excellently modeled 3d representation of the Vega, a believable flight model, better-than-default systems and instruments modeling, and the aircraft state...
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  • IFlySWA's Avatar
    Today, 16:42
    Very interesting. This is all new to me as well. Thanks for sharing this. :encouragement: Brian
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  • Seahawk72s's Avatar
    Today, 16:37
    A short video showing a couple of the beta 7 upgrades and some shots of the mil variant.
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  • DennyA's Avatar
    Today, 16:28
    DennyA replied to a thread Boeing 247D (Wing 42) in MSFS (FS2020)
    Not excusing it, just pointing out he has posted about the situation a couple of times in the past year, and does claim to still be working on the P3D version.
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 16:06
    Bump for the unstick...
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  • Greenhouse357's Avatar
    Today, 15:17
    Josh, I can't get it to download...says page won't load.
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