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  • Brytskiva's Avatar
    Today, 02:36
    Looks nearly as good as Payware like Wing42s Boeing 247D :wink: q:i
    10 replies | 634 view(s)
  • UncleTgt's Avatar
    Today, 01:30
    This was included as part of my Cessna 195 upload...
    1 replies | 84 view(s)
  • DennyA's Avatar
    Today, 00:42
    Donated in Ickie's memory. Glad to still have this place around. Y'all are my people.
    1 replies | 136 view(s)
  • DennyA's Avatar
    Today, 00:34
    Beautiful paint, Thomas! Sergey's original is really impressive in how beat up the interior is, but if I'm gonna trust a plane with my life, I'd rather it be a little bit maintained. :)
    10 replies | 634 view(s)
  • Pat Pattle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:53
    Been looking forward to this, will purchase at the weekend!
    3 replies | 139 view(s)
  • Javis's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:11
    Javis replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
    Ahh, San Diego.... I should've known... :o Well, that looks absolutely marvelous, John ! Thanks vey much for the information ! :encouragement:
    4577 replies | 518051 view(s)
  • Deathwind's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:32
    Problem is when you start fooling around with stuff it can get a little bit addicting and then your not satisfied doing a couple things here and there you think you got to reinvent the wheel or something.
    5 replies | 238 view(s)
  • Deathwind's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:22
    My Chinese Chuwi skipped the printscreen key so don't have one.
    6 replies | 201 view(s)
  • gecko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:09
    SimHQ and CombatAce have forums managed by the OBD team. That's where you need to go.
    3 replies | 139 view(s)
  • scoobyman32's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:14
    I remember those days too DW. Frustrating as all hell back then seeing all the great new planes, sceneries and campaigns, and no idea how to install them. We are pretty spoiled now with SOH to help with everything. Great new effects BTW, they really crank up the visuals. Scare the crap out of me too!
    5 replies | 238 view(s)
  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:50
    Long-time members know it well. If you're new to this forum, allow me to explain. This site has never charged a membership fee. This site has also never had ads on any page. That means that throughout the year, there is no incoming revenue to support the cost of hosting and maintenance of this site. All staff, all the way up to the top admins, are volunteers. So without the support of our members, this site would cease to exist. We currently have 49,284 members on our roster. Granted, there are probably more than half that have left for whatever reason. But if we could get just 5% of our members to donate only $5, that would put us way over our goal. Sadly, that won't happen. There are usually a small core of members that donate every year. Will you be join that group this year? You'll...
    1 replies | 136 view(s)
  • Flamingskull5000's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:49
    I've been awaiting this release also, but I have an issue with my WOTR install that I need to address first before I buy. Doesn't seem to be much support available from OBD, anyone know another forum where one can find answers?
    3 replies | 139 view(s)
  • tgycgijoes's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:40
    This is one of the hangers that the leasing agent uses as an example at Prineville so It had 4 beautiful shots: two inside and two outside from two different angles each. That made it really nice to be able to accurately create it as well as the exact dimensions of both the floor area and also the bifold door size. So, with the 94% humidity and rain off and on all day, I spent the day at the computer with Sketchup creating it as accurately as I could. I used the eyedropper in Photoshop and the actual photos to match both the red metal texture of the beams and also the blue of the trim.
    10 replies | 557 view(s)
  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:29
    I'll probably purchase this one just to support Antonov. Whether I ever fly it or not will remain to be seen.
    7 replies | 404 view(s)
  • FAC257's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:33 Forest
    0 replies | 75 view(s)
  • stoney's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:32
    WEP_sacksx2_freedrop_UT. Not in weapon D/l. Nothing found with search.
    1 replies | 84 view(s)
  • aussie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:48
    Win10 users can hit windows key + print screen together and take multiple screenshots without the need to open a paint program. They will be stored in Pictures\Screenshots folder. Great option for getting that perfect shot. Cheers Aussie
    6 replies | 201 view(s)
  • TiAr's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:10
    Thanks, some screenshots of VP-CWZ Flying Club. Sergey did a great job. VP-CWZ2 by TiAr, auf Flickr VP-CWZ9a by TiAr, auf Flickr VP-CWZ by TiAr, auf Flickr Thomas
    10 replies | 634 view(s)
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