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  • Fnerg's Avatar
    Today, 10:48
    Fnerg replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
    I was having a crappy moment at work, defiantly I opened up Screenshots to distract me from my grumpiness, and I was surprised and happy to see my work in a great screenshot, and it changed me right quick. Thanks Noddy!
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  • Eoraptor1's Avatar
    Today, 10:47
    For those who are interested. There's an F-15 Eagle flight manual posted for download on Simviation. JAMES
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  • Bradburger's Avatar
    Today, 10:41
    Bradburger replied to a thread AH Hurricane in V5.3 in Prepar3D
    The problem I have with the PBR version in 5.2 (and formerly 5.1) is that something is eating away at the frame rates in the VC MDL. FPS starts off fine, but it gradually deteriorates over a short time, until P3D becomes rather sluggish and not very smooth! As a sanity check, I swapped the VC MDL to use the external MDL to replace the VC one, and FPS and sim performance is fine, so something in the VC MDL that is causing a problem. I also had the same problem with the last update that was issued for FSX (I was running FSX SE), where the VC appeared to cause a performance issue as well. (Funnily enough, I also had the same issue in FSX with the Spitfire MK.I when it was first released, but a subsequent update fixed the problem!) :mixed-smiley-027: I'll contact AH to see if they...
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  • Brainless's Avatar
    Today, 10:38
    Well having put my brain in and given the matter some further thought realised the problem was with loadings. So I loaded a big 1000lb bomb on to the Vindicator but reduced the fuel loading to 75% and just managed get off the deck in one piece and head off to the target. Just like the film Midway (the latest one). Well worth a view if you haven't seen it. I would still like to know about the wind settings that may be edited in the mission builder if anyone knows. - - - Updated - - -
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  • jmig's Avatar
    Today, 10:36
    I am pretty sure it is the F/A-18 Hornet. It is fly-by-wire, think computer controlled. The F-14 had the conventual hydraulics controlled system. The computer controlled fly-by-wire F-18 is able to sense the AOA, VVI, Airspeed, etc. data in order to fly the launch. When the weight comes off the wheels (WOW) the computer starts doing its thing until the pilot takes over control. It is a very sophisticated system. If you really want to experience virtual carrier operations try DCS. The Supercarrier (payware) and T-45 (freeware) will give you a seemingly (to this USAF guy) realistic experience. Once your gonads are properly prepared by trapping in the T-45 you can try the payware F/A-18C for a humiliating experience. I tip my hat in respect to Naval Aviators.
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  • fabulousfour's Avatar
    Today, 10:32
    A one-off from a lesser known European manufacturer.
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  • jmig's Avatar
    Today, 10:21
    Yep, it comes from over correcting in the pitch axis.
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  • delta_lima's Avatar
    Today, 09:52
    Wow. What a cool surprise. Loving experimental aircraft as I do, am really keen on this one. Thanks in advance, and as per your scenery thread, congrats on the new F-5 gig! Many kind thanks. Daniel
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  • Fibber's Avatar
    Today, 09:49
    ... Great find, can they be used as guides to refit all the panels we have ?
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  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 09:33
    OK, ignore my earlier message, I can confirm it is indeed paintable: jk1009 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr jk1002 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr jk1001 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr
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  • DaveQ's Avatar
    Today, 09:33
    DaveQ replied to a thread P3D_V5 Screenshots P3D V 5 in Prepar3D
    Is that the old FS9 Comet that came as standard? If so much respect for the conversion, (I gave up...:dizzy:) DaveQ PS - It was years ago so maybe me and MCX have got better meantime!
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  • DaveQ's Avatar
    Today, 09:28
    DaveQ replied to a thread AH Hurricane in V5.3 in Prepar3D
    Just done a circuit and all seems in order. But it's worth remembering the external and internal models add up to a fearsome 260+Mb so it's possible it needs a big rig. Mine's AMD, Ryzen 7 5800x 8-core CPU, Radeon RX 6800XT GPU 32GB RAM. Just under a year old; my old rig would barely load it in 4.5, much less fly it in anything more than slideshow. DaveQ
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 09:09
    This one is tempting me. It looks like they're quoting Wiki regarding performance. That's the only source I can find that matches the quoted 144 MPH (125 Kts) cruise speed, which is actually the economy cruise. Every other source lists higher cruise speeds. I also had to download their documentation package ( ) in order to figure out that they've modeled the H variant. I think I'll think on this a little more...
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  • Ferry_vO's Avatar
    Today, 08:50
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  • Mario Donadon's Avatar
    Today, 08:45
    and how do you open the model?, i haven't found it yet
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  • Duckie's Avatar
    Today, 08:41
    Ed, please add me to the many who have expressed their gratitude for your generosity, admired your skills, and appreciated your tutelage. Congratulations and best wishes with your new endeavor. I hope you realize all your expectations.
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  • Spook48's Avatar
    Today, 08:39
    Just flew it for 2.5 hours. I like it very much. Don't regret the purchase.
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 08:35
    From the context and a little digging, I'm thinking Pilot Induced Oscillations.
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 08:29
    Tom Clayton replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
    I'm going back inside where it's warm. (Real weather at KGSO earlier this morning...)
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