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  • wombat666's Avatar
    Today, 05:55
    I am so looking forward to MotoGP and WSBK Ferry! :pirate:
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  • kdriver's Avatar
    Today, 05:54
    Great work Stephan - thanks very much for these beauties! :applause: Kevin
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  • wombat666's Avatar
    Today, 05:51
    wombat666 replied to a thread A Naive Question. in MSFS (FS2020)
    Thanks Tiger, you've moved me in the direction I was thinking of and I can purchase the same as you from MS Australia. :encouragement:
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  • aleatorylamp's Avatar
    Today, 05:48
    Hello Folks, And now for the English version, the Felixstowe F2a! Here´s the link, as soon as it is approved by the library: As the H-16, the F"A has the SCASM-corrected virtual cockpit chase view, and also, 5 of the 7 MG´s have been added via SCASM. As it has a different .air file, the model file had to be different as well, and I didn´t want
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  • aleatorylamp's Avatar
    Today, 05:45
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 1 Add-Ons Description: The Felixstowe F2A was the English built version of the Curtiss H-16 "Large America" flying boat, introduced in 1917 and which represented the final step in the evolution of the Curtiss Model H flying boat design. With longer-span than the Felixstowe F2, and the improved, reinforced hull by Lt. Cmd. Cyril Porte, the F2A's were powered by 350 Hp Rolls Royce Eagle VIII engines, achieving a top speed of 92 mph at sea level. 100 F2A units were built at the Naval Air Station in Felixstowe. They were armed with upto 7 Lewis MG´s, and could carry 2x230lb depth charges or 4x100lb bombs. Includes SCASM corrected virtual cockpit, Dp files (for 4 bombs), CFS1-type .air file, and simple custom panel for...
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  • l'iguane's Avatar
    Today, 05:44
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FS 2004 Military skins - Post Cold War Description: Mirage 2000D from DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement) - Essais en vol livery requires Mirage 2000B upgrade pack Cheers L'iguane To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Mirage 2000D DGA/EV The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.
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  • afscrub's Avatar
    Today, 05:43
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FS 2004 Military - Props Description: FSX/FS2004 Spitfire 11 VC views fix: This corrects the side and rear VC cockpit views. Replace the old items by the new ones. Fix by A.F.Scrub To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit FSX/FS2004 Spitfire 11 VC views fix The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.
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  • peperez's Avatar
    Today, 05:42
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Aircraft - British Description: The Supermarine Type 224 was an inverted gull-wing monoplane fighter aircraft designed by R.J. Mitchell at Supermarine in response to Air Ministry Specification F.7/30, which sought a fighter for introduction to succeed the Gloster Gauntlet. It was powered by the Rolls-Royce Goshawk engine, which used an experimental evaporative cooling system, and problems with this system, combined with its disappointing performance, led to it being rejected, a contract for production aircraft eventually going to the Gloster Gladiator. It is nevertheless notable because R.J. Mitchell learnt lessons from its failure that were to contribute greatly to his success with the Supermarine Spitfire. To check it...
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  • Jafo's Avatar
    Today, 05:37
    These are still running around as 8,8,8 bitmaps...not compiled to DDS yet...but I reckon I have 3 done...just need to do that original version...prior to the blue and yellow stripes. An existing what-if that has been pretty much fully redrawn, particularly to become metal. It 'was' already 4096 but specs and bumps weren't, and by the time the lines are redone with the bumps nothing's the same...;) I always do a Qantas version of 'whatever' I'm doing... And of course...the 'real thing' ...;)
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  • Moses03's Avatar
    Today, 05:33
    O Canada indeed. Suds for Uli.:icon29:
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  • gray eagle's Avatar
    Today, 05:32
    gray eagle replied to a thread KBT update to L-188? in Prepar3D
    Mike, I hope this will work with P3D V4.5 - :wavey:
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  • dvj's Avatar
    Today, 05:23
    dvj replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
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  • Ferry_vO's Avatar
    Today, 04:54
    Meanwhile the new Williams has leaked on the net before the launch apparently: :wiggle:
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  • Ferry_vO's Avatar
    Today, 04:49
    Lawrence Stroll now owns both the team and the factory, so it makes more sense than the Aston logo on the Red Bull Renault/Tag Heuer/Honda..
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  • Ferry_vO's Avatar
    Today, 04:47
    Meanwhile the WADA is already investigating the new Haas livery.
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  • Roxane-21's Avatar
    Today, 04:38
    Yeah, the Russian flag on an American Car is very funny! :biggrin-new:
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  • tiger1962's Avatar
    Today, 04:37
    tiger1962 replied to a thread A Naive Question. in MSFS (FS2020)
    I bought the Premium Deluxe version direct from MS and have had no problems. The Steam version installs the Steam client (if you don't have it already) which then links to to the MS version anyway. Quite a few people have had problems downloading updates with the Steam client not linking properly to the MS servers at times.
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