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  • Panther_99FS's Avatar
    Today, 21:19
    Awesome!!!! :redfire::redfire::redfire: Here's some 'Mirror' stuff...
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  • Ivan's Avatar
    Today, 20:52
    Hello Aleatorylamp, I would be very hesitant to do what you just did. Trying to sort out machine generated code (or what programmers call "Spaghetti Code") is always a chore and I hate it. I also presume that the compiler (AF99) knows what it is doing unless I KNOW that it clearly is wrong. Did you possibly add a large block of code between the JUMP instruction and its destination? If you did add something large enough and the target was barely within range of the JUMP, then it would cause this kind of error. This is one of the reasons I do minimal modification of the existing code and try to all my new procedures at the end. That way, when something goes wrong, you can do a quick comparison between the original MdlDisAs generated code and the version you are working with now and...
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  • srgalahad's Avatar
    Today, 20:49
    I know it, I've seen it, but I can't find it. (too many old memory cells) ... and NO ONE gives away airplanes, but it may seem so to those trying to pedal 50yr old designs. :a1310:
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  • docjohnson's Avatar
    Today, 20:18
    docjohnson replied to a thread P3D v4 Screenshots in Prepar3D V4
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  • MustangL2W's Avatar
    Today, 20:17
    MustangL2W replied to a thread Low and Slow in Other Hobbies
    That is a gorgeous machine.... I'm envious!!! Bet it sounds amazing?!?!?!
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  • oldmsgt's Avatar
    Today, 20:12
    oldmsgt replied to a thread Low and Slow in Other Hobbies
    My Dad bought an old Farmall Super A back in the early 70's. Had one of those little snowplow things. He worked out of state and often went out of the country as well. My two brothers and I were left with that thing to plow us and my Mom out. It had the old 6 volt electrical system and would never start when it was really cold (almost always, when it was needed), and would often freeze to the ground in the several inches of ice covered dirt in our leaky old log "carriage house". When and if it did miraculously start we froze our asses off plowing since you would have to plow constantly to keep up with heavy snow since the plow was so tiny. Oh, how we you used to curse that wretched machine!! Probably it's been kicked and sworn at about a zillion times! My little brother has since...
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  • 000rick000's Avatar
    Today, 20:01
    Thomas your paints are phenomenal. I really really love your weathering redo. Great job!
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  • txnetcop's Avatar
    Today, 19:11
    The team knows that they have some stiff competition but I also sense that they are driven to perfect FSW. I don't think before it is over with that it will bear that much resemblance to FSX. It is already morphing into something else... Ted
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  • JosefK's Avatar
    Today, 19:05
    Thanks for the great news all around! Naval aviation is going to have a banner year this year!
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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Today, 18:54
    Hi Manschy, Well, I suspect you are correct, in that the aircraft in the screenshot is the Virtavia Skyhawk. Have the same issue with the Razbam A-7. So am wondering if there is a fix? Thanks, NC
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  • MajorMagee's Avatar
    Today, 18:48
    I spent quite a bit of time increasing the resolution, and smoothing some of the jagged lines when I made this into a stand alone version. It started as a skin I pickedup back in 2009, but the package doesn't give me a clue who produced it or where I downloaded it from, so getting permission to upload it will be problematic.
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  • Allen's Avatar
    Today, 18:43
    Is the door one solid color? If yes maybe it material color and doesn't have a texture.
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  • Allen's Avatar
    Today, 18:41
    Never seen this...
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  • phrog_phixer's Avatar
    Today, 18:27
    Absolutely beautiful...
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  • boxcar's Avatar
    Today, 18:12
    Excellent, glad to see this. Little by little one goes far. What impresses me is the confidence in all of the team's faces, you can see it. Am rooting for them (and supporting them). It's going to be 64-bit fun. ​.
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  • rcbarend's Avatar
    Today, 17:56
    Hi Josh, Yes, good advice. This whole issue on controlling the nacelles via keyboard keys / controller buttons is a trade-off between: - What's possible using a "proxy" function like AileronTrim and/or SpoilerAxis (to control a FS-unknown feature like nacelles tilting). - Work around the FS-limitations of transferring such specific aircraft configuration data in SharedCockpit and MultiPlayer. - Combined with the realism of implementing a maximum on nacelles-angle change speed. Best regards, Rob
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  • Bjoern's Avatar
    Today, 17:54 Many discounted DLC/Add-Ons. Spotting a few of Alabeo's birds, some of Virtavia's, of JustFlight's, Active Sky Next, the Aerosoft Airbuses, some Wilco/Feelthere titles... - Edit: Bought the Feelthere ERJ 135/145 Bundle.
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  • strykerpsg's Avatar
    Today, 17:53
    Best of luck in the new job Bjoern. Your contributions to this simulation were fantastic and appreciated by many.
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  • strykerpsg's Avatar
    Today, 17:50
    Perhaps those that do upgrade want to take advantage of their hard earned gains in their machinery to see "UHD-dynamic lighting-2 million polys" advantages over their easier path of upgrading by porting over. With the realities of things like virtual reality and UHD, I would much rather immerse myself in greater details like higher textures, depth and more realism, to complete the virtual experience of being in a plane I will most likely never have an opportunity to fly in, in a virtual land I will most likely never see in that same real plane. It's one thing if a company just makes a ported addon P3Dv4 compatible free of charge to previous owners and not capitalize on advanced techniques in P3D that were not present in FSX, but a whole other story to charge full price for a ported...
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