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  • SeanTK's Avatar
    Today, 10:44
    The author got back to me following my inquiry about DCS origins and some bugs. Kind of hard to follow as English seems to be the authors second+ language, but he acknowledged that some DCS aspects were used: “Acknowledged. It's takes some Time. as this vc model is extracted from DC's only the canopy and nothing all is my own work as main work is to animate and rigging the model and texturing it and all of this is done myself and as fsx user use the default vc of Airbus as well other default aircrafts without permission that's why we use the some part as extracted canopy only all gauges are mine work . Similar su25 is default aircraft that's why we use it some only”
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  • centuryseries's Avatar
    Today, 10:33
    so if you order the whole Shabbat from MS and live in Europe do you get the boxed version? I saw no option for it?!
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  • 000rick000's Avatar
    Today, 10:21
    Technically the DCS Su25 also costs nothing. It's free with the core game along with the TF-51D.
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  • wombat666's Avatar
    Today, 09:38
    Possibly so but this costs nothing......................:173go1:
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  • gecko's Avatar
    Today, 08:40
    I guess I'll just figure out what method my particular copy of Windows 10 will allow when I get there. Hopefully this doesn't end up too painful. Thanks for all the advise guys, I think I'll be able to avoid at least a couple pitfalls.
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  • warchild's Avatar
    Today, 08:15
    I'm gonna go ahead and get the full 120 dollar version.. I'm not into GA all that much and for what I am, X-Plane covers it prettty well. Plus, from what ive seen, there isnt enough difference between the flight dynamics of MSFS2020 and X-Plane to have two sims with nothing but General aviation. I'll use MSFS2020 for tube liners and VA stuff. That seems to be where its really gonna shine for me.. Plus, I really want to put it under a microscope. Whats the actual bandwidth usage its going to have? How will it tax my system?? I'm just really NOT looking forward to what PMDG will do to its pricing for compatible aircraft..
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  • TuFun's Avatar
    Today, 07:39
    TuFun replied to a thread MSFS Preorder! in Flight Simulator 2020
    >> Aerosoft official retail partner for Microsoft Flight Simulator... 5 Rebirth of a legend It is with great pride that we can announce that Microsoft has chosen Aerosoft as its retail publishing partner for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator . Aerosoft will bring the two boxed versions of this venerable simulator to... Boxed version...
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  • 000rick000's Avatar
    Today, 07:37
    It's not the DCS External model. DCS is finer quality. Bump maps are also wrong.
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Today, 07:22
    My original point being, what a waste of an alpha tester if all they were going to do was poke their head into the sim once a month to see how things were shaping up based on other's inputs/work. Some of us have invested a considerable amount of time testing and have noticed continued improvements to what has been reported daily over the past several months, as the regular dev reports attest to. Ted's link to the Aerosoft Forum with Mathijs Kok's statement is a good read, and Mathijs' comments go hand-in-hand with what I've seen and heard from the development team.
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  • nschley's Avatar
    Today, 06:49
    Thank you all for your valuable hints and tricks! It has been some time that I have digged in to CFS2 so deep. Now I got at least the object issue solved. Regarding the default objects I noticed that from all the dp files, one called „groundunit“ was absolutely necessary to get the sim started, at least in my installs. To reply Rami, yes I installed the package to a dedicated clean install and by reducing the number of objects the sim starts now. But, I did not find the time so far to check out if really everything works fine. Let’s see, I think it‘s part of „enjoying“ this old game to discover this. In the past, I had a lot of multiinstalls on my disk (different Theaters, and within them different campaigns, ...), which was the reason for putting my sceneries somewhere...
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  • FlyingsCool's Avatar
    Today, 06:31
    While I agree that Alpha should have testers who have aviation experience, they need testers from the full spectrum. This is meant to be a product for everyone, and even people who have zero confidence in using computers need to be a part of the testing experience to make sure it's not impossible to use.
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  • dvj's Avatar
    Today, 06:07
    dvj replied to a thread MSFS Preorder! in Flight Simulator 2020
    Are you saying there is no Westland Lysander in the pre-order list of aircraft? No way am I going to buy this. Guess I'll be flying FS9 for a while longer. :dizzy:
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  • Ravenna's Avatar
    Today, 06:06
    Hi Folks, All this makes for interesting reading. I'm not sure I understand all of it! Just what is a Pitch Moment? I've spent all day puting the aircraft equipped with Stephan's new FD files through their paces. A few things stand out: Air starting the Sop Tripe, DH.4 and DH.9 present no problem. Aircraft stay in formation. The problems start with take offs. Player + one AI presents no great dramas. The occasional crash but generally take offs are incident free. With more than one AI, however my rear view is of multiple crashes- tail up and full forward roll! With 6 AI, when the smoke clears a bit, there is usually one AI that rises to take its place beside the player aircraft. Is it possible that the collision bubble is causing the closely grouped aircraft to crash when taking...
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  • aleatorylamp's Avatar
    Today, 06:05
    Hello Ivan, I don´t know much about AI´s so what you say is interesting. With the revised FD upto now, it seems that one AI wingman now seems to behave well, but there still seem to be problems with multiple AI´s - perhaps it has to do with collision bubbles... I don´t know. Although what is in the Aircraft.cfg is still quite new to me, and I still don´t understand why it is necessary, but that´s beside the point. Relative to your comments on the Pitch, Yaw or Roll Moments that can be adjusted in the .air file, it appears that their counterparts in the Aircraft.cfg are the aileron, rudder and elevator effectiveness lines. Anyway, we shall see... Cheers,
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  • Moses03's Avatar
    Today, 05:15
    Thanks Rob. Never knew it was red! Here is a grainy monoplane...
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  • Ivan's Avatar
    Today, 05:08
    Hello Aleatorylamp, Thanks for the good wishes. As I mentioned before, AI doesn't really fly quite the same way. From what I can tell, controls are "binary". They are either full deflection or neutral. The AI also adjusts much faster and doesn't necessarily understand inertia and damping. I believe there are also a lot of other things that the AI doesn't really know how to handle that a human figures out by applying some amount of control input and sensing the response. That may be why there are certain flight models that AI can't deal with; they only have one set of responses. The CoG settings between different versions of simulator are VERY different. This is one of the reasons it took me so long to release my own versions of the Airacobra. I wanted to create an "Aft...
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  • Ivan's Avatar
    Today, 04:35
    Yesterday, I went into the "Library" and found a couple really good references for the FW 190D-9. One of the references is in German and my reading is extremely slow. The other is in Japanese and I can't read that at all. One had some good dimensional drawings which are almost certainly good enough to convert my FW 190A into a "Dora". In the drawings, I found that the propeller diameter that I had been using was almost certainly incorrect. Correcting the diameter actually puts the Propeller Power Coefficient much lower which altered the Idle Speed but didn't change the engine output. There was other information that needs to be reconciled for the flight model and THAT may mean that the current JuMo 213A-1 needs a slight rework for power levels. It won't change that much, so it...
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  • mrogers's Avatar
    Today, 04:04
    I recalibrated my more problems. Thanks to Ganter for the helpful suggestion :-) My joystick is quite old, it being a Microsoft Sidewinder FF2 stick which I've had since new for many years now. It had nothing to do with the legacy aircraft, all good now. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Here's the Fs9 legacy Helio Courier, with Steve's DX10 Fixer turned on, with a repaint skin for it that I did years ago but never released it. I'm thinking I'll redo the repaint in 2048x2048 or 4096x4096, the original repaint in 1024x1024 resolution isn't that great. (How do I get rid of the second picture that follows after I post a picture?)
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  • SeanTK's Avatar
    Today, 03:56
    Recommend contacting the author in the FSDeveloper thread to see if they will rectify these issues. EDIT: Or through the email listed on the website: With that being said, it does appear that the VC is from the DCS model, which causes it's own issues in terms of copyright. Also, the gauges are from seemingly anywhere and everywhere (and include a .gau file for the adf that does not work in 64-bit simulations). The developer has not responded to inquires regarding the possible DCS connection (at the very least the textures are identical, if not the 3d model of the interior).
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