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  • Dan1976's Avatar
    Today, 14:07
    Ok. First snag. I am using an illustrated ETO installation guide 1.0 and 1.20 update. From this sites forum pertaining to. I have installed all fresh cfs3, ETO directory and the ETO main folder and exited. The multicfs config has ran. The next step says and shows the ....mb/mb.exe path editing via properties, to the x86 path and etc. There's no mission builder. All attempts to locate file location says that it doesn't exist. I did not install cfs3 MB in my vanilla install. Now what?
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  • blanston12's Avatar
    Today, 14:01
    blanston12 replied to a thread Captain Sim C-130? in Prepar3D V4
    Last thing the released was the 757, which was not even on there conversion list. I am really waiting for the 707, I understand converting them is work and don't mind much paying something for the upgrade, its the indeterminate waiting that kills me.
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  • bazzar's Avatar
    Today, 13:55
    I see Chevrolet are closing their doors. So all their existing stock should be free or in a flash $5 sale. Yeah, that makes sense.:engel016:
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  • robcarrich's Avatar
    Today, 13:39
    robcarrich replied to a thread P3D v4 Screenshots in Prepar3D V4
    I'll be spending quite a lot of time there in the near future!
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  • Bushi's Avatar
    Today, 13:31
    And here is the old flight model... Same thing . first screenshot was after establishing level trimmed wings level flight... SECOND at two minutes, THIRD at four minutes, and the FINAL one at TEN minutes.. ZERO deviation from the original heading...wings still level... About as stable as an airplane can get!!! LOL I occasionally step away from the stick when flying.. especially long distances.. (I know I know.. :-) ) but flying for a long time with your hand on the joystick constantly making corrections while the nose wanders around isn't all that pleasant either and my thinking is that quite a few future pilots will find this annoying.. Anyway, there you have it.. my 'two cents' . Yes.. the older flight model was probably TOO stable.
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  • Bushi's Avatar
    Today, 13:21
    LOL.. a Stearman ..SHE IS NOT!!! yes.. more like the Moth.. Okay.. so.. dead calm air, about 2500 feet, cruising along at 97 or so mph. The old flight model was extremely stable.. once you had her wings level, no yaw, and trimmed wirh elevator and power to maintain altitude more or less, she would cruise along happily at a given heading with no wavering. no bank, no yaw.. just fly straight as an arrow. The new one, feels like it's balancing on a beachball in trimmed level flight. It's a bit difficult to get it to stay on a heading to begin with, and then, once hands off the joystick, the deviation begins, and continues to get worse until you are in a descending tightening turn. I just flew the old and new model back to back and took screenshots of each, while I...
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  • Mick's Avatar
    Today, 13:16
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FS 2004 Military skins - Cold War Description: This skin set is for Shessi's PBY-6A Catalina, reworked from the AlphaSims PBY-5A. It includes a utility plane of Utility Squadron Seven (VU-7) based at NAS North Island, California; a patrol bomber of the Boston Reserves based at NAS Squantum, Massachusetts; and an Air Sea Rescue plane based at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island, all in the late 1940s. Also included is a new model file with specular gloss enabled at the semi-gloss level in the program Shiny, to properly display the glossy dark sea blue finish worn by post-war U.S. Navy PBYs. To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit PBY-6A Three Classic Era US Navy The comments you make there will appear in the...
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  • Stinger's Avatar
    Today, 13:16
    Stinger replied to a thread Captain Sim C-130? in Prepar3D V4
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  • Baragouin's Avatar
    Today, 12:35
    That's right dan-pub the Farner W-11. So whoever wants to step in he's more than welcome.... Cheers Carlo (BG)
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  • magoo's Avatar
    Today, 12:32
    LoL.....I guess we're not too far from the truth on this one. On the test table, I was able to (quite easily) adjust it to spin with the rudder held. The instant you centered the rudder, the model would straighten out and fly right. In the absence of any information, there I was looking for a spin somewhat like a Stearman, with a little Tiger Moth mixed in, the normal sort that required corrective input. Sounds like the Tutor was far more gentlemanly than I suspected!! :banghead: Poor Keith is hammering away on a solution as well. I understand why the Tutor was resisting us so much. We've hardly gotten to know ya, Sweetie!!
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  • Shessi's Avatar
    Today, 12:23
    Yes, they really do look very Mick..;) Very nice job, love 'em! I tell you what, when I finish the CFS2 versions, I'll mod that rib and tex that section to the rest of the wing on that version, which you can Cheers Shessi
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  • Seahawk72s's Avatar
    Today, 12:09
    Thanks, adjusting the "fuel pressure limit" at table 545, got the pressure up into the green.
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  • arl's Avatar
    Today, 11:52
    Just been reading Frank Tedrey's "Pilot's Summer", the tale of his experience at the Central Flying School in 1935. Apart from referring to the Tutor as a "gentlemanly little thing", he does comment about the difficulty in timely producing the instructor's patter for spin recovery. Basically, it only needed the rudder to be centralised for the Tutor to start coming out of the spin, long before getting the rudder to the opposite side. This meant that there was little time for the instructor to intone the standard patter, which was meant to be dinned into the skull of the student in the other cockpit as the manoeuvre progressed. I hope you have included the Gosport tube for advanced communications! The trickiest part of the Instructor's course appears to have been getting the...
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  • Lee Mumbower's Avatar
    Today, 11:52
    I was not going to put my best plane in all of FSX," only stating my opinion" is the great free SECTIONF8 F-86 Sabre.! Ihave 139 textures for it thanks to a good friend and the pilot has my face flying it, again thanks to my friend. Lots of black smoke and guns and all showing on my 43 inch TV screen hooked to my computer, it don't get much better then that! Lee
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  • huub vink's Avatar
    Today, 11:44
    They sure look very Mick :encouragement: Huub
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  • Milton Shupe's Avatar
    Today, 11:27
    SH72, I show 16PSI when at idle in the XF-92A. Fuel pressure is engine driven. The air file table 545 controls the fuel pressure readout best I can determine. There is a scalar available. I see nothing in the cfg file to effect change. Otherwise. you can change the fuel pressure warning light gauge parameter to designate when it should come on.
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  • aleatorylamp's Avatar
    Today, 11:24
    Hello Ivan, OK, thanks. IŽll give it a try that way then. More later. Cheers, Aleatorylamp
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  • JDTinballs's Avatar
    Today, 11:20
    Haven't heard from Bill for years, used to buy everything he released but lost the curve when he left here. No idea about anything he has done since he decided facebook was the way to go (I avoid facebook like 'Mary Jane Rottencrotch') That thing is begging to be painted red.
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  • PhantomTweak's Avatar
    Today, 11:08
    Just as a side note to the helicopter in general, there are a number of excellent HTR config's for this amazing bird. I strongly suggest using HTR with either a pre-made config, or a config file you make yourself. It really makes a huge difference in the realism of any helicopter in FSX. HTR is available from Hovercontrol, or you can Google "Fred Naar HTR" , without the quotes. The config files for particular helicopters can either be found in Hovercontrol's download area, or the forum dedicated to HTR in Hovercontrol's forums. This paint looks great, by the way. Thank you very much for providing it! :encouragement: Pat☺
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