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  • Mick's Avatar
    Today, 10:30
    Here's another JM-1. The Marines had several utility squadrons and it's not known which one this plane belonged to. A photo and a profile, both hosted on several web sites, plus a model kit decal option, all refer to it as a "Navy " plane, but the MARINES title clearly visible on the fin tells us otherwise. This one is glossy all over, so it uses the model with specular gloss.
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  • cavaricooper's Avatar
    Today, 10:22
    Just got back and this is the FIRST THING I downloaded.... wrapping my head around this fantastic package..... WOW! Ta V- C
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  • ijay's Avatar
    Today, 10:17
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  • glh's Avatar
    Today, 10:16
    Milton: You're exactly correct. If one cannot get to the bomb bay or rear of the aircraft in real life, why model it ?? Go ahead and do what you feel is necessary. I think you and your team are doing great so far.
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  • warchild's Avatar
    Today, 10:15
    If you like this your going to like the P-61 when its finished too.. On the other hand, if your waiting on the P-61, get this while you wait. Yeahh, its slower than the P-61, but in every other handling aspect, they're almost identical. Stay tuned.. Pam
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  • warchild's Avatar
    Today, 10:09
    Ya know, This was a shock. The US Army used the P-70 in the south pacific as its first night fighterbecause the P-61 wouldnt be ready for another three years. Once the P-61 was released, the P-70 was re-purposed to being the night fighter trainer, because, "it had similar characteristics to the P-61", but this was a shock. This handles almost identically too the P-61. No lie. I felt totally at home in it and completely comfortable. It's slower than the P-61B but i imagine its right on par with the P-61A. Beautifully done and bravo too your entire team. Amazing Job.. Thank you again..
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  • Seahawk72s's Avatar
    Today, 10:02
    You do cutting edge aircraft that no one else is touching. The size of the projects and the time resources you apply are to be highly commended. I see your aircraft the way a model kit builder does. Unique works of art worthy of the time to crawl around and explore. Frame rates are not as important to me as the sense of completeness of the aircraft. But that's just me. If I seem overly sensitive it's because I feel you are the only quality show in town doing aircraft I really like. There is none else to turn to. (I think this is where I ask for a signed picture with your autograph) :ernaehrung004:
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  • semo's Avatar
    Today, 09:54
    Thank you Milton and crews for the A-20 and B-26. Two great free aircraft. Milton give yourself a break and go back to updating you older aircraft. When you get to it P3D4 needs a Ventura.
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 09:53
    Will do Dimus! Ok, "details" is an entirely different image. Not at all related to the effect that "Detail1" provides.
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  • noddy's Avatar
    Today, 09:49
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  • Alky's Avatar
    Today, 09:46
    Does anyone know what file I need to access in order to change the color of the needle in the fuel gauge. It needs to be a bright yellow or bright red. Unless I zoom in drastically, I can't see what the fuel level is. Thanks for any input. :)
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  • speedy70's Avatar
    Today, 09:42
    The new CRI CRI and the freeware Bush C152 by lagaffe work well here. The legaffe bush 152 is available free from French vfr. Here Cheers Chris
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  • SkippyBing's Avatar
    Today, 09:40
    SkippyBing replied to a thread Sea Fury Surprise in Prepar3D
    I've hopefully sent the last batch of emails out now, although Outlook threw a bit of a fit due to the numbers involved so if you don't get anything in the next hour or so drop me a message via our forum Ditto if you picked it up somewhere else, preferably with the proof of purchase.
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  • HorusJ's Avatar
    Today, 09:34
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  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 09:28
    I'm off to Australia for a few weeks, but maybe after I return? Do you have more (and better) pics, especially of all the chinese characters? ....and then there is the B-26 and the A-20 and now I see you want to get restarted on the P-61 as well!
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  • fuzz1's Avatar
    Today, 09:24
    Just to be clear Dimus, I love those those bumps! Just adds to the challenge and entertainment value. I've already spent hours at and around this fantastic creation; all your efforts are most certainly appreciated. Off to LIDA now for a cargo run...double cappuccinos and cannoli's for the Locher workers.
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  • warchild's Avatar
    Today, 09:21
    Thank you for the Havoc Milton ( bet thts the first time anyone has thanks someone for bringing Havoc to someplace ). Still downloading but really looking forward to flying it and comparing the P-70 to the P-61 and see what the pilots experienced.. :).. gonna be awesome..
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  • Motormouse's Avatar
    Today, 09:15
    Don't need rad alt to read road-signs... ttfn Pete
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  • warchild's Avatar
    Today, 09:07
    I'm wondering if you'll take a request. I'd like to see the c-46 with its 1946 Civil Air Transport livery. It was really simple, and truthfully only a ruse for claire chenault's little band of anti communist mercenaries, but well, yeah. It's a part of history i'd like to see in the game.. From this one airline, Air America was born ( truth without exaggeration ) and from its pilots, Flying Tiger Lines was born ( yup, some old members of the tigers signed on with Cat.
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