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  • heywooood's Avatar
    Today, 20:53
    I wonder if there will be 3rd party development for the Reno addon..? Bearcats, Yaks, Lightnings, oh my
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  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 19:51
    Looking good, David! I wanted to atart on 42 this weekend but you beat me to it! OK, maybe I'll try Scat iii then
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  • heywooood's Avatar
    Today, 18:44
    nice breakdown - thanks! So Aerosoft is partnering with ASOBO on the Porter - and I just bought the Milviz one. Ah well - I'll call it financial support for a great developer and fly the one I like the best. I like the idea of being able to to get into the Reno pack for 20$ and then decide if I want to go all in - or just buy a few more in a bundle. Having the F-18 released to us before the full asset package is a great idea - and Miramar too - sweet. I have a feeling that movie isn't coming to theaters anytime soon. It'll also be good to have my old AN-2 back - that cockpit was one of the best - along with the Hughes H1 and the Aerosoft PBY
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  • ryanbatc's Avatar
    Today, 17:14
    ryanbatc replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
    Nice DC6 shots and livery. Here are a few Seneca repaints I just did (they're simple "cheater" paints as I like to call them - but still takes time finding good colors and making the package etc) - they're on within the hour Untitled-1 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled-7 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Today, 16:04
    That is looking great, David! I love the yellow/black markings of the "Yellow 42" Bong paint scheme. I've got to spend some time with the P-38 textures one of these days too - so many favorite paint schemes I'd like to see done, including above all "Happy Jack's Go Buggy", "Scat III", "Pudgy V", "Thoughts of Midnite", "Tangerine", and a better "Marge" and "California Cutie".
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  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Today, 15:18
    Simply outstanding effects ! Thanks so much Guys ! Regards,Scott
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 14:53
    The way I read the statement is that you won't see the Mustangs as general AI, but you will see them doing laps around the course ("time trials"). If this is the case, then you'd be able to shadow one of the "AI" planes doing laps and possibly race against it one on one.
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  • LostPilot's Avatar
    Today, 14:35
    That's looking superb!
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Today, 14:34
    This is extremely frustrating. I just tried the above again with no joy!:banghead::banghead: Joost, if I send you the relevant files, could you check if this is not just an issue with my PC, as I do have an issue with airbase lights either working or not working when I start CFS3.
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  • LostPilot's Avatar
    Today, 14:33
    This is great news. Andrei is a great dev and their An-2 is no doubt deserving of this "accolade" of being an officially partnered addon. Even more excited than I already was for it.
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  • dcc's Avatar
    Today, 14:32
    inspired by jankees, I'm attempting my first repaint in MSFS... it's just an experiment for now (not sure I'll release it) but it's fun to tinker with and try to re-use stuff from my old FS9 models - dcc
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  • lefty's Avatar
    Today, 13:53
    No-one else biting ? It's the Aero-Flight Streak 165 (AFA-3). Not bad for $4k, but hit an oversaturated market.
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  • Phantom88's Avatar
    Today, 13:33
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  • Daiwilletti's Avatar
    Today, 13:22
    This is a very frustrating message when building a campaign! One of the main places to look is within the <campaignparams> section toward the bottom of the campaign file. The squadron data is set out there. Sometimes I have success by increasing the distance that HQs can be from the frontline. The frontline position in another part of the puzzle. If you create a frontline further from the shore, then the distance settings for HQ positions need to be flexible. Each number used (like HQ MinDistance=3) Is a count of the number of grid squares between the HQ and the frontline. When you open a campaign and get to the target selection map, the map is covered in a grid. Hover the mouse over the map, and each ccell has a unique ID (eg O17). Worth reading the Campaign SDK, Lots of...
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  • downwind's Avatar
    Today, 13:19
    downwind replied to a thread Road Signs in FSX General Discussion
    FAA Regulations: Right Turn only on airport property.
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Today, 12:58
    Interesting! Crg Andrey!
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  • gustooo's Avatar
    Today, 12:01
    OFF Wormy, Fre, Screeny, One eye, Winco Cyas
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  • ak416's Avatar
    Today, 11:59
    Note: I tried to focus on topics that I think members of SOH would be interested in, it is not an exhaustive list of topics covered in the Q&A. I'm also taking notes quickly while watching the Q&A so some things may be incorrect. GOTY Edition - Free update to all existing owners, replaces "Standard Edition" Aircraft F-18 - Developed by Asobo, includes two airports: Patrick Space Force Base, Miramar Marine Corps Air Station Porter - Developed by Asobo in collaboration with Alexander Metzger and Hans Hartmann of Aerosoft. Wheels with classic cockpit, wheels with glass cockpit, ski's with classic cockpit, float with glass cockpit CubCrafters NX tricycle gear. CubCrafters approached Asobo to develop the new model.
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  • DennyA's Avatar
    Today, 11:47
    DennyA replied to a thread DC-3 in MSFS: Videos in MSFS (FS2020)
    Pretty sure these are all people who've run the FSX versions through the converter. AH is working on a DC-3, but it's still cooking.
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  • mongoose's Avatar
    Today, 11:27
    Check the project knowledge sticky thread including this page/ Should be more info elsewhere and you can always do searches under 'mission building' on SOH here.
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